Top 10 Japanese Cuisines Foreign Tourists Love

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No.10 Ton-Katsu (Cutlet Pork)


Every one likes cutlet cuisines, right? Japanese cutlet pork, Ton-Katsu, is a little different from other countries’ cutlets. It’s coated with bread crumb, and it has a more crunchy texture. I recommend that you eat it with Ton-Katsu sauce and Karashi (Japanese mustard).

Look at Tonkatsu (Cutlet Pork)’s recipe>>>>

No.9 Teriyaki

You probably already know the word “Teriyaki” because many Japanese restaurants in other countries provide cuisines using Teriyaki. It’s basically made from soy sauce, sugar, mirin, and sake. Teriyaki sauce can be used for several foods like pork, chicken, fish and so on. You should try to cook teriyaki cuisines!!

Look at Teriyaki Chicken’s recipe>>>>

No.8 Okonomiyaki

It looks like a pancake. Yes! it is called a “Japanese style pancake” in English. But the ingredients and taste are totally different. Basically, Flour, Sliced Pork and Cabbage are used to cook it and it is seasoned with Soy Sauce and Mayonnaise. There are several types of Okonomiyaki, according to prefectures in Japan. The famous styles are Hiroshima style and Osaka Style.

Look at Standard-Okonomiyaki’s recipe>>>>

Look at Hiroshima Style-Okonomiyaki’s recipe>>>>

No.7 Rice Bowl

Japanese really like rice bowls. Almost too much. There are many types of rice bowls. The representative kinds are a pork-bowl, a beef-bowl, and a pork -cutlet-bowl. Look at this page (7popular Japanese rice bowls; Pork-Bowl, Beef-bowl, Pork-Cutlet-Bowl, and……..) if you want to learn them in detail.

Look at Pork bowl’s recipe>>>>

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No.6 Japanese sweets (Wagashi)


Compared with other countries, the taste of “Japanese sweets” are unique. Two of these sweets are known as Wagashi, which uses Anko (red bean paste), and mochi. The picture above is Mitarashi-Dango, which is a type of dango skewered onto sticks in groups of 3–5 and covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze. It’s one of the most popular Wagashis. They are typically enjoyed in combination with a cup of green tea. Do you like a green tea? You should try it with Wagashis!! You might like it, because this combination is really good.

No.5 Shabu-Shabu


It’s a kind of Japanese hot pot dish with vegetables and sliced meat cooked together in boiling broth. You might be surprised when you go to Shabu Shabu restaurants when you have to cook sliced meat and vegetables by yourself. However, it’s one part of the Japanese diet culture. We Japanese have a habit of enjoying cooking with the hot pots by ourselves. So try it once!! You might come to like it!!

No.4 Curry Rice

Curry originally came from India, but now it’s one of the popular Japanese foods. Japanese people eat it with rice, unlike Indians, so it’s generally called “Curry rice”. There are many Japanese restaurants providing a curry rice in other countries and many tourists eat it in Japan.

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No.3 Tempura


Tempura is the classic “batter-fried” food in Japan and is healthier than other fried food because almost all the ingredients are vegetables or seafood. So tempura might be the favorite Japanese food of vegetarians. You can enjoy them with ten-tsuyu or salt.

Look at Tempura~Shrimp and vegetables~’s recipe>>>>

No.2 Ramen


I don’t need to explain it in detail, right? Almost all tourists go to ramen restaurants when visiting Japan. What kind of ramen do you like? Soy sauce? Pork broth(Tonkotsu)? Salt? Any kind!! Do you try to cook ramen by yourself? We will introduce some easy recipes for ramen. Look at them if you want!!

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No.1 Sushi


Of course, No.1 is Sushi!! Probably, all tourists eat it when visiting Japan. Japanese sushi looks different from other countries’. Basically, Japanese sushi is simple, uses only raw fish, and is eaten only with a soy sauce and a wasabi. On the other hand, other countries’ sushis use several ingredients such as a spicy sauce and balsamic vinegar. I’m Japanese, and I think the only true sushi is the Japanese one. I hope all people around the world will prefer Japanese sushi to other ones.

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