5 popular Japanese instant noodles companies

Japanese ramen noodle
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I’ve been a student for more than 15 years. Because of this, I have eaten a bunch of noodles(ramen, udon, soba) because it’s cheap. If it’s instant noodles, it’s much cheaper!! So, for students, eating instant noodles is a part of our lifestyle. How about your country??  Instant noodles were invented by Momofuku Ando of Nissin Foods in Japan. Nissin Foods launched Chicken Ramen in 1958 as the first instant noodles in the world. I really respect him as a Japanese person. Since that time, many companies have been releasing instant noodles. So, let me introduce Japanese famous instant noodles companies with popular instant noodle products.

1. Nissin Foods(日清食品)

As I introduced above, this company is a pioneer, the most popular, and the biggest company in the world. Though Chicken Ramen is very popular, Cup Noodles is the most popular brand. Look at this Nissin Foods Japanese website. It’s awesome, right? And, Chicken Ramen mascot,Hiyoko-chan is very cute!! Nissin products are not only ramens but also udons and sobas. If you have never tried them, try it!!  I guarantee the taste:)

Eng web :https://www.nissinfoods.com/noodle/ramen
Jp web: https://www.nissin.com/jp/ Even though this is Japanese web site but just look it! There are a samurai!!


2.Toyo Suisan(東洋水産)

This company owns the brand, Maruchan. So, you might know it as Maruchan. Toyo Suisan started to launch instant noodles in 1962. The first brand name is “Maruchan Hai ramen”. Toyo Suisan also produces sobas and udons. It’s also yummy. Mainly, the flavor used is Japanese seasonings like bonito stock and kelp stock.

Eng web: http://www.maruchan.com/

3.Sanyo Foods(サンヨー食品)

Do you know “SAPPORO ICHIBAN”?? It’s the most famous instant noodle brand in Sanyo Foods. In 1963, this company launched an instant noodle called “Piyo Piyo Ramen” for the first time. “Piyo Piyo” means  “cheep cheep” or “tweet tweet”. So Piyo Piyo Ramen means……   I don’t know. Anyway, This company is also very famous in Japan.

Eng web: http://sanyofoods.us/

4. Myojo Foods(明星食品)

Myojo Foods isn’t as famous as three companies above but still few Japanese don’t know about it. The first product is “Myojo Ajitsuke Ramen” in 1960. Since 2007 it has been a Nissin Foods affiliated company.

5. Acecook(エースコック)

Acecook is also a long lasting company. Pekin Ramen was launched in 1959 by this company. It began using bean‐starch vermicelli cup noodles instead of using ramen noodles. As you know, healthy foods are popular nowadays so it’s selling very well. And Acecook is very famous in Vietnam. The brand name is “Hao Hao” in that country.

Jp web: https://www.acecook.co.jp/

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