7 Recommended souvenirs around Nara station

You will be able to enjoy sightseeing. You might know awesome restaurants. Because, you google them before coming Japan, right?  But how about food souvenirs?? You have to buy them for your family, friend and companion, right?? So,  I’m going to introduce attractive souvenirs!!

1.  HONKE KIKUYA (本家 菊屋): What is a “GOLD FISH”?

Have you ever eaten “GOLD FISH”?? If not, see above!!  you can eat it!!haha It’s not real but interesting, right?? It’s made from Agar and sugar around them. This shop, KIKUYA’s main store is in KORIYAMA, Nara. Actually, this shop’s main product is “Oshiro no Kuchimochi“. It’s kind of  manju, included red sweet beans and covered kinako(roasted soybeans flour). So, you can try both!!

Gold fish: 400yen
Open time: 9:00~19:00
Credit Card: OK
Tel: 0742-23-4855


2.KANEIDOU(寛永堂): What a Giant DORAYAKI!!

(Featured image: http://ameblo.jp/delight-hair/entry-12104500812.html)

Do you know “DORAYAKI”?? It’s which Doraemon(a Japanese famous anime character) love. It’s kind of sandwich but inside is sweet red beans and outside is pancake. Originally, the size is about baseball but amazingly, this Dorayaki is so big, it can hide girl face!! About the taste, the red beans isn’t too sweet and pancakes is soft, Yummy!!

Open time: 9:00~20:00
Credit Card: OK
Tel: 0742-25-5282

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3.YOSHINO ISHII(吉野いしい): Do you know a persimmon??

Do you know a persimmon?? It’s like a picture above. Look this pic. It is similar, right?? Calyx is on the top.haha This is a pound cake(persimmon cake). There are cut dried persimmon inside. Persimmon becomes sweater if it is dried. This cake got prize at souvenir competition. So, it is not only cute but also yummy!! Good for a present!!
Persimmon cake:1080yen
Open time: 10:00~19:00
Credit Card: No
Tel: 0742-22-8835

4.KASHIYA (樫舎): This is a sweet but also an art!!

You can eat Japanese traditional sweets here! They are artistic and elegant, right?? Usually, they are made of bean paste. The taste is not so sweet, just right. The building is traditional, it’s very cozy. I can spend much time here. For you guys, It’s a good place for feeling Japanese culture and atmosphere???
Budget: around 1000yen
Open time: 9:00~18:00
Credit Card: No
Tel: 0742-22-889

5.SATOUDEN(砂糖傳):Cute, beautiful and colorful sugars:)

Do you know what is this?? It’s a sugar candy, “Konpeito”. Originally, it’s from Portugal in 1569. After that, it’s spread in Japan and became Japanese famous sweets. It’s famous for gifts in Japan because it’s colorful and beautiful. Since it’s sugar candy, it’s too sweet for someone. In that case,  I recommend to eat with Yogurt.  It’s awesome!!
Budget: around 500yen for each
Open time: 8:30~17:30
Credit Card: No
Tel: 0742-22-889

6.ROKUYA(鹿屋):Antlers’ sweets??

What this sweet look like?? Actually, it’s antler(deer horn).  If you look carefully, it looks like antlers, right?? I cannot see it though.lol Around this place, Wild deer is famous. You can see them even on the road. This is baumkuchen. Sugar is coated around it, it makes much better taste. When I went this shop, deer stare at me whole time so I could not help buying it. lol Be careful!!
Baumkuchen: 1300yen
Open time: 9:30~20:30
Credit Card: No
Tel: 0742-24-0090

7.YAMAZAKIYA(山崎屋):Maybe not tasty but try it!!

You can buy narazuke here. It’s Japanese traditional vegetable Pickles. They’re pickled by sakekasu(rice wine lees) and salt and so on. Sakekasu is rice wine by-product. So, it has rice wine’s smell and strong salt taste. The texture is very crispy. Some Japanese like it by some of them are not. In my case, not, because of the smell. You guys might not like it. But, fortunately, there are tasting samples. So, visit this shop and try it!! But don’t forget water for refreshing your mouth after tasting narazuke!haha
Budget: around 1000yen
Open time: 9:00~21:00
Credit Card: OK
Tel: 0742-22-8039

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