5 Recommended cheap Foods and Drink around OTARU Canal, Hokkaido

otaru canal

In this season, Otaru snow light path will be held from February 3 to 12, 2017.  During these days, Otaru city is decorated such wonderful lights and snow statues.  In this time, Sapporo city will be holding Sapporo snow festival, so you can visit both festivals. Originally, Otaru is very famous for Canal, Orgel(music box)glass sculpture, and FOOD!! So, I’m going to introduce 5 recommended cheap foods you can eat around Otaru!!

1. TAKINAMI SYOKUDOU(滝波食堂): This is one reason to come to Otaru city!!

I totally recommend you to eat Seafood, when you came here in Otaru city. It’s in  Sankakuichiba, fish market.  You can imagine easily how delicious it’s as seeing a picture above. This is “TOKUSEN KAISENDON(特選海鮮丼)” There are many seafood restaurants around Otaru and you will be satisfied at almost all of restaurants but My most recommended restaurant is KITA NO DONBURIYA TAKINAMI SYOKUDOU because of the taste and the price.

Budget: around ¥2,000 (above seafood bowl is ¥3000)
Open time: 8:00~17:00
Regular Holiday: NO
Credit Card: NO

2.RAMEN TOKAIYA(らーめん 渡海家): For ramen lovers?

If you love ramen so much, it’s one option for you to eat a ramen not a seafood bowl. This is Garlic miso ramen. The good point of this restaurant is roast pork on the ramen. This is awesome!! The soup is light and healthy contrary to my expectation. 食べ物 の画像食べ物 の画像食べ物 の画像食べ物 の画像食べ物 の画像

Budget: Less than ¥1,000
Open time: 11:00~21:00(Last call:20:30)
Regular Holiday: Tuesday
Credit Card: NO

3. KUWATAYA HONTEN (桑田屋 本店): Having rest here.

How about resting with sweet foods?? When I went to Otaru city, I was tired of walking because there are many places to visit. So, you will need a place for rest.  I recommend this restaurant. You can eat “PANJYU”. It’s a muffin and baked wheat flour dough with bean jam. It is cheap, so why don’t you try it!!

Budget: ¥89 for one PANJYU
Open time: 9:00~19:00
Regular Holiday: NO
Credit Card: NO

4. OTARU SOUKO NO.1 (小樽倉庫No.1) : Get drunk here!!

This restaurant can have Otaru beer. It’s a factory for making beer. So, you can have fresh Otaru beer and also German beer. Because it is trying to become like German restaurant, so they are not Japanese food. But, Otaru beer and German beer  is wonderful, so why not go to have beer and enjoy beer night!!

Budget: around ¥2,000
Open time: 10:00~23:00
Regular Holiday: NO
Credit Card: OK

5.TYUKUSYOKUDOU KURO(中華食堂 くろ) : What is a black curry??

What do you think of this picture? This is a pork cutlet curry.  The curry is delicious and this cutlet is awesome. They use “Kamikomi pork” coming from Tokachi, Hokkaido. This is one of famous brand porks in Japan.  It’s 10 limited food a day. So you cannot eat it unless you visit there early. Even in the case of sold out, you can eat just cutlet. I bet you can get satisfied with only cutlet!

Budget: around ¥1,500
Open time: 11:00~14:00(Last call 13:30)  17:00~21:00(Last call 20:30)
Regular Holiday: Tuesday, Third Wednesday
Credit Card: NO

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