7popular Japanese rice bowls; Pork-Bowl, Beef-bowl, Pork-Cutlet-Bowl, and……..

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When it comes to Japanese food, we cannot help but talking about Japanese rice bowl (Don). Japanese really like rice bowl too much. There are many types of rice bowl. You can enjoy several taste and flavor. Ok! Now I’m introducing representative rice bowls.

1. Pork-Bowl (豚丼:Buta-Don)

Pork-Bowl is one of awesome dishes in Japan. The pork is simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. Actually, Japanese can eat rice with sauce alone.
Look at Pork-bowl’s recipe>>>>


2. Beef-Bowl(牛丼: Gyu-Don)

Beef bowl is one of well-known fast foods in Japan. There are many beef bowl restaurants and they are open 24/7. The price is cheap at restaurants, it is at less than ¥500. (It is less than half the price of other dishes)
Look at Beef Bowl’s recipe>>>>


3. Avocado&Tuna-Flake Bowl(アボカド&ツナフレーク丼:Avokado&Tuna-Flake Don)

People around the world love Avocado. Of course, it’s popular in Japan. To eat avocado with rice is not common. But surprisingly, the combination is amazing!! Let’s try it!
Look at Avokado&Tuna-flake Bowl’s recipe>>>>


4. Teriyaki Chicken Bowl (照り焼きチキン丼:Teriyaki Chicken don)

Do you like Teriyaki sauce? It taste like western sauce, but it’s Japanese unique sauce. Now Teriyaki Chicken is very popular in many countries. The link of how to cook “Teriyaki chicken” is attached below. You can cook Teriyaki Chicken Bowl just by putting “Teriyaki chicken” on the rice. Look at Teriyaki Chicken Bowl’s recipe>>>>


5. Crispy Chicken-Bowl(唐揚げ丼:Karaage-Don)

I think you like crispy chicken (Karaage), right?? Yes, me too!! So, Crispy chicken bowl is awesome. I recommend to put mayonnaise on it:) But, you can get fat!


6. Pork Cutlet Bowl (カツ丼:Katsu-Don)

Pork Cutlet Bowl (カツ丼:Katsu-Don) is one of the popular Japanese bowl. You can make it by cooking  Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) and eggs in a sweet and salty broth and placing them over the rice. “katsu” has the meaning of not only “Cutlet” but also “to win” or “to be victorious”. So we Japanese always eat Pork Cutlet Bowl (カツ丼:Katsu-Don) before sport games and major exam.


7. Chicken and egg bowl (親子丼:Oyako-Don)

Oyako(親子) means “Parent-and-child” in Japanese. Yes! Oyako-don is the Japanese bowl made from chicken’s “Parent-and-child”. The way to make it is just to cook chicken and egg with Japanese broth consisting of soy sauce, mirin and dashi (Japanese soup stock) and place them over the rice. Is it easy, right? Let’s try!!


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