Top 5 restaurants around Sanjusangen-do temple and Shitijyou-station at less than ¥2,500

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Sanjusangendo-temple is a famous sightseeing place in Kyoto for foreigners The reason is we can see 1001 statues of Kannon, the goddess of mercy as shown above. They’re outstanding, right?? Better to see them in real life though!! So, this time I am going to introduce restaurants around here.

1.OKONOMIYAKI YOSHINO(お好み焼き 吉野): Best Okonomiyaki around Sanjusangen-do

This is a very famous Okonomiyaki restaurant around Sanjusangendo-temple.  But since to go here, it is very difficult to find because you have to walk down an alley to go. So follow the sign above. Okonomiyaki is kind of pancake made from egg, flour and water with lots of toppings. I recommend you to order “Hosoyaki”. This is Okonomiyaki with intestine. It’s delicious!!

Budget: around ¥1000
Open time: 11:00~22:00 (last call:21:30)(Mon. Tue. are off)
Credit Card: NO


2.CAFE AMAZON (カフェ アマゾン): Take a break with awesome sandwich

Here, you guys can eat awesome sandwiches. Sightseeing Kyoto is wonderful but tiring. Because, you have to walk a lot. Here’s good place to rest. About the sandwiches, it’s crispy and cheese is melting. Let’s charge your energy here for sightseeing trip with delicious sandwiches!

Budget:less than¥1000
Open time: 7:30~17:30 (last call:17:00)(Thu. is off)
Credit Card: NO


3.CAFW ARRIETTY (カフェ アリエッティ): Take a break with a pancake

Also a great place to take a break. As you can see above, the pancake is awesome; super soft. So, for something sweet, check this place out! For sandwiches, you can go to CAFE ARRIETTY!!

Budget: around ¥1000
Open time: 10:00~18:30 (Sun. are off)
Credit Card: NO

4.IL PAPPALARDO(イル パッパラルド): You can enjoy even Pizza in Kyoto

Staying Japan for over week?? Tired of rice dishes??  How about eating pizza or pasta?? Let’s go IL PAPPALARDO. As you can see above, makes your mouth water, right?

Budget: around ¥2000(lunch)/around¥5000(dinner)
Open time: 11:30~15:00(last call:14:00) 17:30~22:00 (21:00)(Tue. are off)
Credit Card: OK

5. COCO-ICHIBAN(CoCo壱番屋): Cheap but good Japanese curry restaurant

CoCo-ichibanya is the most famous Japanese curry chain restaurant. Japanese curry is different from another country curry, so if you have never eaten it, why not try it. It is sweeter than others and you can adjust spice-level. I have tried the spiciest one. The time my tongue got paralyzed. Anyway, I recommend the Tonkatsu(pork cutlet) topping. Because, it is awesome combination!!

Budget: around ¥2000(lunch)/around¥5000(dinner)
Open time: 11:00~24:00
Credit Card: OK

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