Top 10 Souvenirs you can buy at Sapporo station in Hokkaido

Hokkaido is the northernmost prefecture in Hokkaido. Of course, it is very cold in winter season. But Hokkaido is the popular sightseeing place because it has high quality snow. Many people visit there to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In addition to that, you can eat great taste food. Especially, the fish foods in Hokkaido are really good. So now do you think you will go to Hokkaido? Probably, you have to buy souvenirs for your friends and family. Ok! I am introducing top10 souvenirs you can buy at Sapporo(the capital city in Hokkaido) station.


reference:ISHIYA Online Shop

SHIROI-KOIBITO has been popular for over 30 years.  Yes! It’s a typical souvenir in Japan. You can buy it not only in Hokkaido but also in Tokyo because almost all Japanese love it. It’s a cookie with white chocolate sandwiched between “langue de chat (French baked cookie)” biscuits. This chocolate is an original recipe made just for it. Everybody comes under the white chocolate.

2. JYAGA-POKKURU(じゃがポックル)

reference:Calbee Jyagapokkuru

Many people have loved JYAGA-POKKURU for long since it was released. It became popular only with word of mouth without any advertising. It ran out of stock at the gift shop of Chitose airport terminal because of its popularity. It’s made from 100% Hokkaido-grown potatoes which have great flavor and taste.  I’m addicted to its crispy texture and roasted salty taste.


reference:Kakasha Sapporo Times Square

SAPPORO-TIMES-SQUARE is one of the typical Sapporo souvenir. It’s a soft sponge cake including custard cream and Adzuki which is Japanese traditional sweet. Many people say that they like the combination with its sweet and fluffy texture.

4. DOUBLE-FROMAGE(ドゥーブルフロマージュ)

reference:LeTAO Official Site

DOUBLE-FROMAGE is a souffle cheesecake. It’s made from Hokkaido flour, cream, Italian mascarpone and Australian cream cheese. These  ingredients enable DOUBLE-FROMAGE to have awesome taste and flavor. I got hooked on fluffy and melty texture.


reference:Ryugetsu Product Line Up

SANPOUROKU is a baumkuchen with a coating of milk and white chocolate and is said to be the pioneer of moist baumkuchens. Their ingredients such as butter, sugar, egg and flour, are all from Hokkaido. In spite of Hokkaido’s gift, too many people try to buy the gift in a long line even in Tokyo. So it’s popular in whole of Japan.

6. MARUSEI-BUTTER-SAND(マルセイバターサンド)

reference:Rokka-Tei Online Shop

MARUSEI-BUTTER-SAND is a sweet with butter cream and raisin sandwiched between two layers of biscuit. The combination with butter cream and raisin is very excellent. You’ll get addicted to it if you are a raisin lover. I recommend that you should eat it cold.


reference:Kitakaro Online Shop

YOUSEI-NO-MORI is a moist baumkuchen. Moist? Yes!! It is a unique baumkuchen. It has fluffy texture and elegant sweet taste, and then it will be melted in your mouth. It is made from the flour, cream, eggs and water all of which come from Hokkaido. Its pastry chef has sticked to these ingredients, which achieves the unique texture and taste.

8. WAKASA-IMO(わかさいも)

reference:Wakasaimo Online Shop

WAKASA-IMO is a traditional snack and has been loved by many people for over 70 years. “IMO” means “Potato” in Japanese. So it tastes like baked potato. But WAKASA-IMO is coated Manju(Japanese style steamed bun), and don’t contain any potato. Is it interesting, right? You can get surprised at its potato flavor and taste soon after eating it.


reference:Kinotoya Online Shop

SAPPORO-NOU-GAKKOU is a crisp cookie. It’s becoming popular as Hokkaido’s souvenirs in recent years. Its taste is plain but it has the rich flavor and scent of Hokkaido milk, which makes many people gradually getting addicted to SAPPORO-NOU-GAKKOU

10. POTATO-CHIP-CHOCOLATE(ポテトチップチョコレート)

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Have you ever eaten potato chips with chocolate? POTATO-CHIP-CHOCOLATE is potato chips coated with chocolate. Does it seem to be strange snack? But it is good. You can enjoy salty and sweet taste at the same time. You can have innovative experience with the souvenir.

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