Top 5 Lunch you should have at Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido

Do you know Sapporo Snow Festival? It is held in Sapporo, Hokkaido at the beginning of every February. Amazing sculptures are exhibited around Odori Park  near Sapporo Station. Look at the featured image above! They’re Star Wars characters, Darth Vader and Stormtrooper, which were exhibited in 2016. Can you believe that they were made from only snow? It is surprising!!! Do you want to visit the festival? In 2017, it will be held at 1st-12th, February. I attached the map of Odori Park below. Hope it’s helpful for you 🙂
Odori Park

And then there are also many good restaurants around there. So I’m introducing top 5 lunch spots near Sapporo Station!! Enjoy Sapporo’s foods before and after seeing awesome snow sculptures!!

1. Q: Good ramen at lunch time and awesome Yakitori at dinner time

Q is yakitori(Japanese BBQ) izakaya at dinner time but they provide good ramen at lunch time. Their ramen has good taste and is very popular. Many residents and tourists visit Q at lunch time. There are two types of ramen they provide, soy sauce ramen(the picture above) and Baitan Ramen (ramen with a whitish chicken-bone soup) . Both of them have excellent soup. I love Soy Sauce ramen because it has rich soup but also light. So it is elegant taste.

Lunch time: 11:00~15:00
Regular Holiday: Sunday
Credit Card: YES


2. SUSHI-ZEN(すし善):Enjoy 10 kinds of Sushi at less than ¥1,500.

SUSHI-ZEN is a traditional Sushi restaurant. It’s in Daimaru (big department store) near Sapporo station and so I suggest you visit there soon after arriving at the station if you’re hungry. You can have good Sushi because many fresh fishes are caught in Hokkaido. Basically, Sushi is very expensive and even Japanese cannot often eat it. But the lunch menu at SUSHI-ZEN is cheaper than others. You can enjoy 10 kinds of Sushi at ¥1,000~¥1,500. So you should go there if you want to have Sushi and save money.

Open time: 11:00~22:00
Credit Card: YES

3. 175°DENO~TAN-TAN-MEN(175°DENO〜担担麺): Get warm by eating spicy ramen

Do you know Dandan noodle? It’s one of Szechuan Ramen and then it’s very hot and spicy. But many Japanese love Dandan noodle. Especially, people at cold areas such as Hokkaido often eat it in order to make their body warm. 175°DENO is one of the best Dandan noodle restaurants. It was established in 2014 and they have already had 2 branches because its Dandan noodle is very popular. So you should have 175°DENO’s noodle if you want to get warm.

Open time: 10:30~22:30
Credit Card: NO

4. PIKANTE(ピカンティ):Don’t miss out Soup Curry at Sapporo

Hokkaido is famous for Soup Curry. Soup Curry is very different from Japanese standard Curry. Standard Curry is like not soup but stew and it has a thick soup. But  Soup Curry has a watery soup. Originally, Soup Curry came from Thailand and now many people in Hokkaido love it very much. PICANTE is the most popular Soup Curry restaurant around Sapporo station. You can select soup, ingredients and level of spiciness. The reason why I like the PICANTE’s Soup Curry is that many vegetables are included in that. So it has rich nutrition and it’s healthy.

Open time: 11:00~22:30
Credit Card: NO


5. SOBAGIRI-HARUNOSUKE (蕎麦切り春のすけ): Outstanding Hand-Made Soba noodle and Tempura

SOBAGIRI-HARUNOSUKE is a Hand-Made soba’s restaurant and it is very popular in Hokkaido. Its soba noodle is chewy and its flavor is changing every time you bite it. Is it amazing, right? My most favorite menu is a soba and Tempura combination(天せいろ:Ten-Seiro) . You can enjoy awesome soba with Tempura.

Lunch time: 11:00~14:30(Tue-Sat)
Regular Holiday of Lunch: Sunday and Monday
Credit Card: NO

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