5 easy Japanese recipes even beginners can cook


Some foreigners say that it is difficult to cook Japanese food by themselves. Yes, that’s right! I also think that Japanese food is more complicate than other countries’ cuisines. But, there are also easy Japanese cuisines. Now I am introducing 5 easy Japanese cuisines. Of course, even beginners can cook them soon after learning the way.


OKONOMIYAKI is one of the most popular Japanese cuisines. It looks like Pan-Cake, right? Yes! it is called “Japanese style pan-cake” in English. The way to cook it is similar to Pan-Cake, but the ingredients and taste are totally different. Basically, Flour, Sliced Pork and Cabbage are used to cook it and it is seasoned with Soy Sauce and Mayonnaise. Do you think that it’s strange? No! Its taste is really good. You can cook it easily! Let’s try to cook it.

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SOMEN-NOODLE is a simple Japanese cuisine. Japanese mothers always cook it if they don’t have enough time. And also Japanese often eat it during hot season because SOMEN-NOODLE is a cold food. The way to make it is to boil a noodle for 3 minutes and prepare for Men-Tsuyu (cold soup for SOMEN). That’s it!!!

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PORK-BOWL is a Japanese power food as well as easy. Japanese often eat it when they get tired from their job and playing sports. It’s seasoned with Soy Sauce, Salt, Pepper and Sugar. It is very popular and traditional flavor of Japanese food.

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Do you like AVOCADO, right? Japanese also love it too much. Some Japanese often cook combination with AVOCADO and TUNA-FLAKE on rice. This combination is amazing good!! And then, as you watch the video above, it is very easy to cook it. You should try the Japanese cuisine if you like AVOCADO.

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Have you heard that it is very difficult to cook ramen? Yes!! Even many Japanese cannot make professional ramen and they often go out to eat it at restaurants. But, there are some easy recipes of ramen. I introduced it in this blog. Of course, its taste is nice. So you have to no longer spend much money on ramen if you learn this cheap recipe!! You can always enjoy ramen 🙂

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