Top 5 restaurants around Asahikawa Station and Asahiyama zoo in Hokkaido

ASAHIYAMA ZOO(旭山動物園) is very popular zoo in Japan. Many Japanese love and visit it as well as foreigner’s tourists. You can see penguins walking and white bears. They’re so cute. You should go to the zoo when you travel around HOKKAIDO(北海道). Probably, you’ll stay in a hotel at a ASAHIKAWA station if you see the sight of ASAHIYAMA ZOO because there are many hotels in the station which is the nearest one to the zoo. So you’ll have lunch and dinner around ASAHIKAWA station. Ok! Now I’m introducing the top 5 foods around the station.

1. SUSHI-MINATO (鮨みなと): The most popular sushi restaurant in ASAHIKAWA

SUSHI-MINATO is a one-Michelin-starred restaurant. You should not miss out eating sushi when visiting Hokkaido because fresh fishes are caught up and you can eat more taste sushi than other prefectures in Japan. And then SUSHI-MINATO is the most popular in ASAHIKAWA, HOKKAIDO. The chef’s customer service is very nice and kind as well as sushi taste is good. The most recommended menu in the restaurant is “14 Seasonal Topping Sushis (Syun-no-Omakase-Nigiri-14-Kan: 旬のおまかせにぎり14貫)” at around ¥5,000. Probably, you may think that it is expensive. But it worths your spending the price for it if you want to eat true Japanese sushis.

Budget: ¥6,000~¥10,000
Open time: 18:00~23:00 (Last call 22:30)
Regular Holiday: Sunday
Credit Card: OK

2. DOKUSHAKU-SANSHIROU (独酌 三四郎): Enjoy Sashimi with Sake

DOKUSHAKU-SANSHIROU was established in 1946 and it is a traditional Izakaya restaurant. It can be the best choice if you want to enjoy both eating Japanese foods such as Sashimi and drinking Japanese Sake. This is because the chef of DOKUSHAKU-SANSHIROU choice and provide the best Sake of many kinds going with foods you eat. So thanks to the chef, you can have the amazing dinner without thinking what you should order.

Budget: ~¥5,000
Open time: 17:00~23:00
Regular Holiday: Sunday
Credit Card: OK

3. JINGISUKAN-DAIKOKUYA-GOTYOUME-SHITEN(成吉思汗 大黒屋 5丁目支店):Eat lamb meat with born

“JINGISUKAN” is lamb meat in Japanese. It’s one of representative food in HOKKAIDO. There are many”JINGISUKAN” BBQ restaurants in HOKKAIDO and Japanese visit the prefecture to eat tasty lamb meat. If you ask local people “What is the most recommended JINGISUKAN BBQ restaunrant around here?”, almost all of them may say that it’s JINGISUKAN-DAIKOKUYA-GOTYOUME-SHITEN. Especially, I love lamb meat with born. It has soft texture as well as good taste. Of course, you can enjoy good vegetables with meats.

Budget: ¥3,000~¥4,000
Open time: 17:00~23:30 (Last call 22:00)
Credit Card: OK

4. IZAKAYA-TENKIN (居酒屋 天金): Sashimi, Sushi, and Tempura all are awesome

Local people love the Izakaya restaurant, IZAKAYA-TENKIN. It’s a typical Izakaya and you can eat various Japanese foods such Sashimi, Sushi, Tempura, simmered dishes and grilled fishes. IZAKAYA-TENKIN is always crowded and its table become full even on weekday. So the Izakaya is open at 15:00 and it’s better to visit it early. Japanese workers generally work until 17:00. So you can get tables easily if you visit there before 17:00.

Budget: ¥4,000~¥8,000
Open time: 15:00~23:00
Regular Holiday: New Year Eve&New Year Day
Credit Card: OK

5. EZOYA (えぞや): No,1 Yakitori restaurant around ASAHIKAWA station

Probably, many foreigner’s tourists want to eat Japanese Yakitori which is one of the most popular Japanese cuisines. You should go to EZOYA if you want to eat Yakitori around ASAHIKAWA station. The Yakitori restaurant get high review on many Japanese food review sites. So its Yakitori taste is very good. Additionally, it’s very cheap. Surprisingly, one Yakitori is just at around ¥100. Therefore, you can enjoy several kinds of Yakitori at the restaunrant.

Budget: ¥2,000~¥3,000
Open time: 17:00~23:00 (Last Call 22:00)
Credit Card: NO

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