5 Take-Out Foods around TODAIJI and NARA PARK

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When You see this super big Buddha, what do you think?? He is doing high five or just saying “hello”?? Actually, it is not. It is obvious because his face is not like enjoying, right??haha  Anyway, you can see this Buddha in TODAIJI, Nara prefecture. Around TODAIJI, there is Nara park, and there are a lot of deer. You can give crackers which you bought at stalls in there; not crackers you brought. You will walk a long time so you might be hungry between meals. So, I will introduce foods which can take away!!???


1.NAKATANIDOU(中谷堂): Mochi is one of the traditional sweet in Japan



Can you get what are they doing? Yes, they are making Mochi (rice cakes). You can see it on the spot.???The faster we make Mochi from rice, the more delicious the Mochi be. You can see this movie(Look at it above!). So, It is easy to imagine the taste of it. The Mochi flavor is Japanese mugwort.(commonly used for Mochi in Japan) , and make daifuku. It is covered over sweet roasted soybean flour. When you buy and have this Mochi you will be surprised with how soft this is!!

Budget: ¥130 
Open time:10:00~19:00
Credit Card: NO

2.COCOMARL(ココマール): Try Japanese style scones



You can eat scones in this restaurant. In Japan, scone specialized shops are rare. There are a lot of flavors; plain, pumpkin, blueberry, matcha, orange and so on. They are wrapped with colorful paper so it is so cute. Just watching is enjoyable.  The taste is not so sweet, just right. ???

Budget:less than ¥200 for each
Open time: 8:00~19:00 (until sold out)(Sun. is off)
Credit Card: NO

3.UOMAN(魚万): Eat satsuma age as snacks



Do you know  satsuma age??  This is fried fishcakes and famous for take-out food. The reason is that it is very handy and delicious.??? In this shop, you can eat normal satsuma age but I recommend that you eat butter potato as shown a picture above. Normally, satsuma age is made from minced fish, so it is soft. But, when it comes to this butter potato, it is wrapped with samosa sheet!! So, it is crispy outside, and there is cheese inside. Try it!!

Budget:around ¥200
Open time: 9:00~19:00 (until sold out)
Regular Holiday: Sunday
Credit Card: NO
Website: http://www.uoman.jp/?mode=f43

4.WAKAKUSA CURRY HONPO (若草カレー本舗): Wow! What is a curry bread?curry


This restaurant is a very famous curry restaurant, so you can eat delicious curry inside.食べ物 の画像食べ物 の画像食べ物 の画像 But this time, I would like to introduce curry bread you can take away.??? This curry bread is crispy and chewy. Even if it is deep fried but it is not oily. When it comes to curry, the spice works very well. It is wonderful!!

Budget: ¥200
Open time:11:30~15:30 17:00~20:30(Wed. night time is off)
Credit Card: OK

 5.SAKURA BURGER(さくらバーガー): Amazing hamburger using 100% beef for patty


This restaurant`s name is SAKURA burger. As you know Sakura means cherry blossoms. さくら の画像さくら の画像さくら の画像But, why SAKURA?? The reason is they use SAKURA chips for smoking bacon. So the smell of bacon is unique and nice!!???. The hamburger patty is 100% beef. I recommend to add cheese. Since this SAKURA burger is very big and if you want eat it between meals I recommend to eat MOMIJI burger which is small size but not with bacon(you can add small size bacon for ¥100).  For your information, MOMIJI means autumn leaves.もみじ の画像もみじ の画像もみじ の画像

Budget:around ¥1000
Open time: 11:00~16:00(last call15:30) 17:00~21:00(last call20:30)
Regular Holiday: Wednesday
Credit Card: NO
Website: http://sakuraburger.com/index_en.html

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