5 Restaurants at ¥1,000 around Nara park and Todaiji

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Do you know what we can do in NARA PARK?? We can buy crackers at stalls and give to deer.バンビ デコメ絵文字バンビ デコメ絵文字バンビ デコメ絵文字 Sometimes they hit us but it will be one of your unforgettable memories in Japan!haha Last time, I introduced take-out foods near this place, So this time I am going to introduce restaurants around Nara park and Todaiji???

1. Yoshinokuzu Sakura(吉野葛 佐久良): Try Japanese traditional sweet, Kudzu mochi


Do you know kudzu mochi?? This is kind of rice cakes as shown upper.  The taste is plain; almost nothing, so we usually eat with roasted soybean powder and brown sugar syrup.  Why that kudzu mochi is so nice is the texture. It is slimy and wobblyぷるるん !! デコメ絵文字ぷるるん !! デコメ絵文字ぷるるん !! デコメ絵文字 I cannot forget the texture. Nara city is very famous for kudzu mochi and this restaurant is the best!! If you have not ever tried it, why not try in Nara??

Budget: less than¥1000
Open time:10:00~17:00(Thu. is off)
Credit card:NO

2. SHIZUKA(志津香): Get warm with hot rice pilaf, “Kamameshi”



The dish shown above is called “Kamameshi”. お釜 デコメ絵文字お釜 デコメ絵文字お釜 デコメ絵文字 This is Japanese rice pilaf cooked in an iron pot. Before using a rice cooker, Japanese people used an iron pot for making rice. This is troublesome but the taste is great! Because the bottom part, rice gets burned a little and it is very delicious.  Since this restaurant is famous, on weekends, you have to wait but it is worth it!!

Budget: less than¥1000
Open time:11:00~22:00
Regular Holiday: Tuesday

Credit card:NO
Web: http://www.kamameshi-shizuka.jp/eng.html


3. FUJIMON SEIMEN(ふじ門 製麺): What is “bubble ramen”?


Actually, I love everything inside of the bowl; noodles, soup roasted pork, soft boiled egg. Can you see bubbles on the soup??  We call “bubble ramen”. This style is not so famous but getting famous. Because of this, the soup becomes more creamy. This is pork broth soup. Since they make noodles by themselves, why not bad! Try it!! But be careful, open time is only lunch time.ラーメン デコメ絵文字ラーメン デコメ絵文字ラーメン デコメ絵文字

Budget: Lunch:less than¥1000
Open time:-10:30~14:30(Mon. and holiday is off)
Credit card:NO

4. MENTOUAN(麺闘庵): Udon noodle comes out from the deep-fried bean curd


Can you see udon noodles inside the deep-fried bean curd?? YES, right!?!? Can you hear “hello” from them?? NO, right!?!? If you say “YES”. I recommend you to see doctor. haha Anyway, this dish is very cool, isn’t it?? The soup is Japanese taste using Kelp.うどん デコメ絵文字うどん デコメ絵文字うどん デコメ絵文字

Budget: less than¥1000
Open time:11:00~19:00(Last call 18:30)
Regular Holiday:Tuesday

Credit card:NO

5. KAKINOHASUSHI TANAKA(柿の葉寿司 たなか): Beautiful art food, Kakinohasushi

kakinohasushi sushi

You can eat Kakinohasushi in this restaurant. Kakinoha means Persimmon‘s leaf and sushi, which probably you already know. So, it is sushi wrapped with Persimmon leaves. But, why it is wrapped with that?? This is because, persimmon leaves have antibacterial and immunological benefit, so long ago these leaves were very good to keep dishes fresh. And it is nutritious. The taste is almost same as sushi, but the fish is flavored with ginger same as rice.すし デコメ絵文字すし デコメ絵文字すし デコメ絵文字

Budget: around¥1000
Open time:7:30~19:30
Credit card:YES

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