5 restaurant at less than ¥2,000 around KINKAKUJI TEMPLE in Kyoto

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You like or love GOLD,right?? So, why not come here!!! You can see super awesome kinkakuji temple.If it is a sunny day the golden temple reflect to lake and you can see double kinkakuji temples.??? I hope the weather is nice when you come here!! This time, I am going to introduce great foods you can eat near the golden temple.??????

1.KINKAKUSOFT(金閣そふと): Wow!! Amazing golden ice cream


Have you ever eaten GOLD??? If not, why not try to eat golden soft serve ice cream?? In this restaurant, you can eat it!! This shop became famous after opening immediately. The gold melts in your mouth. The soft cream flavor is matcha and with rice cake ball. Once in your lifetime, you should try it???

Open time: 11:00~17:00 (Mon.~Fri.) 11:00~17:30(Sat. Sun.)
Web: http://kinkakusoft.com/english/
Credit Card: NO

2.GONTARO(権太呂): Enjoy Soba & Tempura watching beautiful garden


This is a very famous restaurant near the golden temple. There are many things I can recommend here. First one is an atmosphere.  It’s like Japanese traditional style; traditional building, beautiful garden. Second one is the taste. You can eat soba, tempura, pot dishes and so on. Everything is awesome. The third one is there are many seats. Even if this restaurant is very famous, you don’t have to wait a long time, you will wait though if it’s weekends. Anyway, It’s worth coming here!!???

Budget:around ¥2000
Open time: 11:00~21:30 (last call 21:00)
Regular Holiday: Wednesday
Credit Card: YES

3.SHIZOU(紫蔵): You will get addicted to pork broth soy sauce ramen


This is a very famous ramen restaurant in Kyoto.  It’s pork broth soy sauce ramen and on the ramen there are a grilled pork slice and spinach and liver. If you like pork broth ramen, absolutely you will be satisfied with eating this ramen. And you will be surprised that spinach is good with ramen???

Budget:less than ¥1000
Open time: 11:00~15:00 18:00~22:00 (Wed. is off)
Credit Card:NO

4.MAMESEU (豆政)inside of the KINKAKU TEMPLE area: Take a break with Japanese sweet


If you are too lazy to go anywhere to eat or not so hungry, why not come here!! You can enjoy Japanese sweets, like the rice cake ball as shown a picture above. We call “MITARASHIDANGO”. The sauce is made from mainly sugar and soy sauce. So, it is so sweet. And the rice cake ball is soft. Since this is very typical Japanese sweet, TRY IT!!

Open time:KINKAKUJI temple open time
Credit Card:NO

5.KURAZUSHI(くら寿司): Very cheap and enjoyable sushi restaurant


If your one of the reasons to come to Japan is eating SUSHI, you want to eat sushi many times, right?? If you go to sushi restaurants which are not rotating, you will be bankrupt if you are not rich. In Japan, rotating sushi is very famous. Because it is enjoyable and CHEAP!! Just 100yen for one plate (2 sushi). And, KURAZUSHI is a very interesting sushi rotating restaurant. This is because, you can do capsule toys for 5 plates!!

Budget¥100 for one plate
Open time: 11:00~23:00
Credit Card:NO

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