Top 4 cheap&great foods near Heian Shrine in KYOTO

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Heian Shrine

Heian Shrine (Heian Jingu: 平安神宮) is one of the most popular sightseeing places. Many foreigners visit there every year.  Shirine buildings are attractive and you can feel KYOTO culture when being there. But, more than that, a big shrine gateway is amazing. You will feel excited to see how big it is. Of course, there are good restaurants and foods around Heian Shrine. I am  recommending  4  restaurants in this article.

1. YAMAMOTO-MENZO (山元麺蔵):Kyoto curry udon, vegetable tempura udon, Beef-Miso udon and…..


Many people stand in a long line in front of YAMAMOTO-MENZO every day. So the restaurant is extremely popular. It serves UDON. It`s looks, taste, ingredients and texture are all perfect!! There are many types of UDON: Kyoto Curry, Vegetable Tempura, Beef-Miso, Burdock, Pork and so on. I ordered Beef&Burdock Udon (Gyu-to-Tuchi-Gobou-no-Udon:牛と土ゴボウのおうどん) when I visited (Look at the picture above). It was just at ¥990/10USD. It was great and I love that!!

Budget: ¥500~¥1500
Open time:11:00~18:00(Sun-Tue, Thu-Sat), 11:00~14:30(Wed)

Credit card:NO

2. GURIRU-KODAKARA (グリル小宝): Try Western-Japanese food, Omurice

guriru-kodakara2 guriru-kodakara1

Do you know some Western-Japanese foods? They look like Western food, but they originated from Japan. Taste? Almost they are similar to Western food. So many Western tourists easily fall in love with this type of Japanese food. GURIRU-KODAKARA mainly provides Western-Japanese foods such as Omu-rice(Rice Omelet), Hayashi-rice(Hashed Beef Rice), Beef Teriyaki Grill and so on. Look at the picture above!! This is Omu-rice that rolls rice with Omelet. Especially, the special demi glace sauce has an amazing taste!! You will get addicted at Omu-rice of GURIRU-KODAKARA.

Budget: ¥1000~¥3000
Open time:11:30~21:45 (Mon, Wed~Sun)

Credit card:YES (Only Visa)

3. DARUMAN (だる満): Wow! What a amazing tempura tower


Look at the picture!! What is it? Wow!! Amazing!! Its name is the Giant-Shrimp-Tempura-Bowl (Tokudai-Ebi-Tendon: 特大海老天丼) that many people call “Tower-Tendon”. It’s at ¥2,300. You think it is expensive, but it is worth eating because it tastes awesome!! Additionally, there is a Buffet menu at DARUMAN and you can eat all traditional KYOTO food at just ¥1,800. Absolutely, you can get satisfied with DARUMAN! You should go if you get hungry near Heian Shrine.

Budget: ¥1000~¥3000
Open time:11:00~15:30 (Tue-Sun)

Credit card:NO

4. KYOTO-MODERN-TERRACE(京都モダンテラス): What is Omu-Hayashi?

kyoto-modern-terrace2 kyoto-modern-terrace1

KYOTO-MODERN-TERRACE is a rare restaurant where you can enjoy all breakfast, lunch, cafe and dinner. As you can look at the picture above, I love the open space of the restaurant. If you visit there at dinner time, the budget could be more than ¥5,000 because you feel like having dinner with alcohol haha. But you enjoy lunch at just around ¥1000. So I recommend you that you should go at lunch time if you want to save money. How is the food? Of course! It’s excellent. Especially, I love Omu-Hayashi (the picture above) that is the combination with Omu-rice (Rice Omelet) and Hayashi-rice (Hashed Beef Rice).  It has fluffy and runny texture, and the egg melts in your mouth. Taste is also good. You should try!!

Budget: ¥1000~¥2000 (Lunch), ¥5000~(Dinner)
Open time:8:00~23:00, Breakfast Time-8:00~11:00, Lunch Time, 11:00~15:00, Cafe Time- 15:00~18:00, Dinner Time-18:00~23:00

Credit card:YES

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