Top 5 wonderful restaurants for lunch within ¥2000 around TOKYO TOWER

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If you have a lot of money and can afford to buy expensive Japanese food, of couse, you can enjoy eating Japanese food. However, everyone cannot afford to eat like that

Traveling is expensive ;plane tickets, accomodations, meals etc. Do you not want to save some money at least when you eat lunch? Fortunately, I know many  restaurants which are easy on the pocket that I want you to go and eat when you travel around Tokyo tower. So today I would like to introduce you to cheap but delicious food that you should eat around Tokyo tower.

1. TAIKOMA  (磯家 たいこま)



Taikoma is where you can enjoy Japanese delicious cuisine around Tokyo tower. It is a popular restaurant because it offers a reasonably priced lunch with fresh seafood and vegetables. What`s more, all dishes are high quality though there are a lot of dishes. In addition, there are abundant menus that use fresh vegetables. If you want to eat Japanese food with a cheap price, I recommend you try this restaurant.

Budget: Lunch¥1000~¥2000
Open time:Lunch-11:30~14:00(Mon-Sat),Dinner-17:00~23:00,  Sunday and Holiday are closed

Credit card:NO

2. RANMA (蘭麻 らんま)



This restaurant owner has a certain skill. He served as a chef at a steak specialty restaurant of a famous hotel. The main meat is carefully selected from the A5-ranked Japanese beef. The price of the middle dish steak set meal is 1728 yen including tax. It sounds a little expensive for lunch but considering the quality of meat, it`s worth it. Since the dinner menu of this restaurant will be over 10000 yen, you had better go there at lunch.

Budget: Lunch¥1000~¥2000
Open time:Lunch-11:00~14:00(Mon,Wed~Sun) ,Dinner18:00~22:00(Mon,Wed~Sun)18:00~22:00, Tuesday is closed.)
Credit card:YES

3. TENRAIKEN (天雷軒)


There are a lot of ramen restaurants around Japan. Ramen is an essential food for Japanese businessmen. According to statistical data, the average lunch fee is around 580 yen for Japanese businessmen. So this ramen restaurant is popular because it is cheap and tasty. For example a bowl of ramen is 500yen.

Ramen was devised with the concept of noodle which you would want to eat every day. The ramen broth does not use animal-based ingredients or chemical seasonings, but uses only seafood. The ramen broth  is rich and outstanding. There is also a limited time menu besides the classic menu, so no matter how many times you go, you can enjoy different tastes every time.

Budget: Lunch¥500~¥1000
Open time:Lunch-11:00~26:00(Mon~Fri)11:00~22:00(Sat,Holiday)Sunday is closed.
Credit card:YES

4. CURRY LAB (カレーラボ)



Curry is a national food in Japan. This curry restaurant caters to curry that you can enjoy from adults to children. Once you go, you will never forget about how tasty Japanese curry is. If you have not tried it, it is worth visiting. 

Budget: Lunch-¥1000~¥2000
Open time:-11:00~21:50
Credit card:YES

5. ITAMAE SUSHI (板前ずし)



“Sushi” originated in Japan has evolved to “SUSHI” everywhere in the world. So it incorporates a world menu.  The point of this restaurant is that it has a thorough commitment to tuna. In addition, based on the fusion of an old tradition and a new concept, our shop uses domestically produced raw fish carefully selected. This is the best sushi restaurant I’ve ever been to. So if you want to eat delicious sushi I highly recommend you to visit here.

Budget: Lunch-¥1000~¥2000
Open time:-11:00~15:00,Dinner 17:00~03:00(Mon~Fri), 11:00~23:00(Sat,Sun,Holiday)
Credit card:YES

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