Top 5 restaurants for dinner you should visit near TOKYO SKYTREE.

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TOKYO SKYTREE is the one of the most famous sightseeing spots of Japan.  It`s beautiful isn`t it?  Since there are a lot of restaurants nearby , it`s hard to decide which restaurant to choose.  So now I want to introduce you to the 5 best restaurants that you will be satisfied with.

1. TORITON (とりとん)


This sushi restaurant uses super fresh fish which is caught in the morning on this day. You can eat more fresh sushi than most other restaurants. Menu changes depend on the season. so whenever you go , you will enjoy eating it!! if you have not eaten sushi since you arrived in Japan, I highly recommended you come and eat sushi there.

Budget: $20~$30
Open time: 11:00〜22:00
Credit Card: OK

tell 03-5637-7716

2. REN(簾)


The great thing in this restaurant is that you can see the entire TOKYO SKYTREE while eating a delicious meal. If you want to surprise your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend, this restaurant is the best for you. Service from the staff is amazing. When I took my American friends to this restaurant, they were so impressed by staff`s hospitality. It blew them away.

Budget: $60~$80
Open time: Lunch-11:00〜15:00, Tea-11:30~16:30, Dinner-17:30~21:30 bar-17:30~23:00
Credit Card: OK
TEL 03-5611-5591

3. KUNIMI(國見)



This restaurant is situated beside SKYTREE. So as soon as you have finished your sightseeing, you can eat Kaiseki which is a traditional meal with many courses originally served at a tea ceremony. Not only Japanese people but also many foreign visitors come and eat Kaiseki at this restaurant. Once you eat it, you won`t forget the taste of it and this restaurant. Depending upon the season,  the menu will be changed. so no matter how many times you visit, you can enjoy a varied taste of food.

Budget: lunch- $20~$30,  dinner-$80~$100 
time: 11:00〜23:00
Credit Card: OK

TEL 03-5809-7100

4. Matenrou (摩天楼)

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This restaurant is an entertainment restaurant, that is, while you are waiting for your dishes, you can enjoy watching the chef’s cooking as a performance. This is because this restaurant is owned by a famous Japanese comedian named Kimimaru. In addition to that, there are a variety of courses such as Japanese beef sirloin steakand a variety of seafood.

Budged $100
time: Lunch-11:00〜15:30 (Mon~Fri), 11:00~16:00 (Sat,San),   Dinner-17:00~23:00
Credit Card: OK
TEL 050-5798-9284

5. Arizuki  (蟻月)



This restarant is famous for Motsunabe, or giblets cooked in a hot pot.  Since it is situated on the 31th floor, you can enjoy the lovely view while eating. There are four diffferent kinds of soup that you can choose. It is said that motsunabe is a very healthy food and also works wonders for your skin.

Budget:Lunch-$40~$50, Dinner- $100
Time: Lunch-11:00〜16:00, Dinner-17:00~23:00
Credit Card: OK
TEL: 03-5809-7100

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