5 top cheaper restaurants near OSAKA CASTLE

Japanese castles are very unique compared with other country’s castles, aren’t they? So, why don’t you visti some Japanese castles?????
In Japan, there are many castles in each region. If you come to Osaka, you must visit Osaka castle!! So, this time I will introduce you to good and cheap restaurants near Osaka castle. So that you will be satisfied with not only seeing the Osaka castle but also your stomach will be satisfied also.???

1. FRIENDSHIP(フレンドシップ): Japanese-Western restaurant

If you want to eat Japanized western food、let’s go to this restaurant. This shop’s items are almost all less than 1000 yen, but I recommend that you choose the “C set meal” (C is teisyoku in Japanese). It includes fried prawns, hamburger steak, crab cream croquette, rice and other items. The crab cream croquette is AWESOME!!???  The outside is very crispy and the inside is very creamy.



Budget:around ¥1,000
Open time: 11:00~22:00(last call21:40)
Credit Card: NO


2. BEJIBATAKE CAFE COMACHI(ベジ畑カフェ 小町): Many healthy Japanese menu

Do you believe the stereotype that Japanese food is healthy?? It’s not a lie because about ten years ago, Japanese food was healthy. But, recently Japanese food is not as healthy, like ramen, tonkatsu (deep fried pork), karaage (deep fried chicken) and so on. So, this time let’s eat healthy food.  We can order the daily set menu (Higawari teisyoku in Japanese) in this restaurant. This food is not only healthy but also tasty???


Budget: around ¥1,000
Open time: 11:00~22:00(last call21:00)
Credit Card: NO

 Place: second floor

3. MENSYO KEIJI(麺匠 慶次): Enjoy rich tonkotsu ramen

Are you waiting for the first time to try ramen?? If I were you, I would try it here.Ha ha because I am addicted to ramen.  This ramen restaurant is the most popular and highly recommended. You should try “URAKEIJI RAMEN”. This is the most popular ramen in this restaurant. It has tonkotsu ramen (cooked with pork bone). This ramen is very thick and  there is a lot of pork back fat on the ramen. I love this kind of ramen but if you are not a fan, you can order the soy sauce ramen or miso ramen.???

keiji urakeijiramen

Budget: less than ¥1,000
Open time: 11:00~22:00
Credit Card: NO

4. SAIZOU(菜蔵):You can get full just at ¥700

If you come to Osaka castle on a weekday and it is lunch time (11:30~13:30), I totally recommend you to try this restaurant. The reasons are: it is cheap, you can eat rice as much as you want, and of course,it is tasty!!??? The daily set meal (higawari teisyoku in Japanese) is just 700 yen??? And, the food is Japanese typical food!! When I go to this restaurant I eat Shogayaki. Night time it is a popular drinking place, and it’s good as well父の日 の画像お酒だよ。お酒 の絵文字


Budget: less than ¥1,000
Open time: 11:30~14:00(last call13:30)
17:00~23:30(last call23:00) (Sun. and holiday is off)
Credit Card: OK


5. CURRY RICE INDOYA(カレーライスの印度屋): Try dynamite spice level!

Have you ever tried Japanese curry?? カレー の画像 If not, you should try it!! I recommend you to go to this restaurant. This restaurant is very great. I love it. You can change the spice level;original, special, dynamite, or extra dynamite. Literally, if you order dynamite or extra dynamite, you will burst into flames. Haha I’m kidding but if you want to enjoy eating,  just order the original one. It is the smart choice.?



Budget: less than ¥1,000
Open time: 11:00~23:00

Credit Card:NO

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