5 recommended restaurants near Kyoto-Kitano-Tenmangu-Shrine at less than ¥2000

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Hi, Autumn season is coming!! So, why don’t you come to JAPAN🇯🇵 to see autumn leaves.🍁🍁 And Kyoto prefecture is the best place to see them. So, Come to Kyoto and visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine which I recommend.  See the upper picture!! It is WONDERFUL, right?? Since you will come here, I am going to introduce awesome foods you can eat near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine😁😁😁 And there is Kinkakuji temple near here. So, you can also visit there!!


1. TOYOUKE-CHAYA (とようけ茶屋): Enjoy Kyoto food, Yuba!


This is a very popular tofu restaurant. I recommend you eat Yuba-bowl. Yuba is  the film that forms on the surface of boiled soymilk. And it is a speciality in Kyoto. The taste is kind of plain, but the chef seasons Yuba, so the taste is sweet-salty. It is good with rice😋😋  Since this restaurant is very famous, at lunch time, you cannot eat without waitingLoL. And, this restaurant has Tofu shop, so you can also buy Tofu here😁😁

Budget: ~¥1,000
Restaurant open time:11:00~15:00

Shop open time:10:00~18:30
Regular holiday: Tursday
Credit card:NO


2. SEIYOKEN (誠養軒): Ramen is good. But you should try Gyoza (dumpling)


Since this is a ramen restaurant,  I recommend the ramen. The soup is soy-sauce based . But I  recommend the Gyoza (dumplings) more than ramen😊😊😊 There are Chinese chives inside theGyoza (dumplings).It makes a great texture and taste. The skin is very thin and crispy. Some people come here to have Gyoza (dumplings) and beer; not ramen. Try it !!

Budget: ~¥1,000
Open time:12:00~24:00(Sun,Tue-Sat)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit card:NO



3. AWAMOCHIDOKORO・SAWAYA (粟餅所・澤屋): What is millet rice cakes (Kibi-mochi) ?


You can eat millet rice cakes (Kibi-mochi) here. I think you know rice cakes; in Japanese mochi. right?? So, in this restaurant, there are millets inside the rice cakes. So, the texture is kinda popping texture. And the rice cakes are melty!!😋😋😋 And, you can see the process of making millet rice cakes. It is interesting.👍👍👍 Since this restaurant is popular, it is crowded😫😫😫

Budget: ~¥1,000
Open time:9:00~17:00(until sold out) (Sun,Mon,Wed-Sat) (26th is off every month)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Credit card:NO


4.NISHIJIN OOEDO (西陣大江戸): Everybody loves Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet)


Do you know tonkatsu?? It is getting popular in the world. It is pork cutlet.とんかつ の絵文字  食べ物だよ。とんかつ の絵文字 食べ物だよ。とんかつ の絵文字   I love tonkatsu super!! It is good with rice💕💕💕 This restaurant tonkatsu is very delicious. The fried batter is thin and crispy. And, the pork is not so oily, just right!! There is a pig on this restaurant’s goodwill(curtain in front of the entrance) as shown a picture below . It’s very cute, isn’t it??💕💕💕 This restaurant is a little bit far from Kitano tenmangu shrine.(around 1km), but worth it!

Budget: ~¥2,000
Open time:11:30~15:00(last call14:00) 17:00~21:00(last call20:30)
Regular holiday: Monday&Tuesday
Credit card:OK

5.HIDAMARI (ひだまり): You can enjoy Japanese healthy curry at just ¥500


You can eat Japanese curry in this restaurant. The name is Wafu-curry! 食べ物だよ。カレーライス の絵文字 食べ物だよ。カレーライス の絵文字 食べ物だよ。カレーライス の絵文字     It means Japanese style curry.🇯🇵🇯🇵🇯🇵 The rice is mixed with grains and black sesame. So, it is healthy! It’s very delicious. AND, Amazingly, the price is just around ¥500😍😍😍 The reason why it is so cheap is many students come to this restaurant. So, it is a kindness for students. Of course, the price is same for you guys. So, why don’t you try it!!

Budget: ~¥500
Open time:10:00~18:00
Regular holiday: Sunday
Credit card:NO

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