5 recommended restaurants near Kyoto-Kitano-Tenmangu-Shrine at less than ¥2000

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Hi, Autumn season is coming!! So, why don’t you come to JAPAN?? to see autumn leaves.?? And Kyoto prefecture is the best place to see them. So, Come to Kyoto and visit Kitano Tenmangu Shrine which I recommend.  See the upper picture!! It is WONDERFUL, right?? Since you will come here, I am going to introduce awesome foods you can eat near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine??? And there is Kinkakuji temple near here. So, you can also visit there!!


1. TOYOUKE-CHAYA (とようけ茶屋): Enjoy Kyoto food, Yuba!


This is a very popular tofu restaurant. I recommend you eat Yuba-bowl. Yuba is  the film that forms on the surface of boiled soymilk. And it is a speciality in Kyoto. The taste is kind of plain, but the chef seasons Yuba, so the taste is sweet-salty. It is good with rice??  Since this restaurant is very famous, at lunch time, you cannot eat without waitingLoL. And, this restaurant has Tofu shop, so you can also buy Tofu here??

Budget: ~¥1,000
Restaurant open time:11:00~15:00

Shop open time:10:00~18:30
Regular holiday: Tursday
Credit card:NO


2. SEIYOKEN (誠養軒): Ramen is good. But you should try Gyoza (dumpling)


Since this is a ramen restaurant,  I recommend the ramen. The soup is soy-sauce based . But I  recommend the Gyoza (dumplings) more than ramen??? There are Chinese chives inside theGyoza (dumplings).It makes a great texture and taste. The skin is very thin and crispy. Some people come here to have Gyoza (dumplings) and beer; not ramen. Try it !!

Budget: ~¥1,000
Open time:12:00~24:00(Sun,Tue-Sat)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit card:NO



3. AWAMOCHIDOKORO・SAWAYA (粟餅所・澤屋): What is millet rice cakes (Kibi-mochi) ?


You can eat millet rice cakes (Kibi-mochi) here. I think you know rice cakes; in Japanese mochi. right?? So, in this restaurant, there are millets inside the rice cakes. So, the texture is kinda popping texture. And the rice cakes are melty!!??? And, you can see the process of making millet rice cakes. It is interesting.??? Since this restaurant is popular, it is crowded???

Budget: ~¥1,000
Open time:9:00~17:00(until sold out) (Sun,Mon,Wed-Sat) (26th is off every month)
Regular holiday: Tuesday
Credit card:NO


4.NISHIJIN OOEDO (西陣大江戸): Everybody loves Tonkatsu (Pork cutlet)


Do you know tonkatsu?? It is getting popular in the world. It is pork cutlet.とんかつ の絵文字  食べ物だよ。とんかつ の絵文字 食べ物だよ。とんかつ の絵文字   I love tonkatsu super!! It is good with rice??? This restaurant tonkatsu is very delicious. The fried batter is thin and crispy. And, the pork is not so oily, just right!! There is a pig on this restaurant’s goodwill(curtain in front of the entrance) as shown a picture below . It’s very cute, isn’t it????? This restaurant is a little bit far from Kitano tenmangu shrine.(around 1km), but worth it!

Budget: ~¥2,000
Open time:11:30~15:00(last call14:00) 17:00~21:00(last call20:30)
Regular holiday: Monday&Tuesday
Credit card:OK

5.HIDAMARI (ひだまり): You can enjoy Japanese healthy curry at just ¥500


You can eat Japanese curry in this restaurant. The name is Wafu-curry! 食べ物だよ。カレーライス の絵文字 食べ物だよ。カレーライス の絵文字 食べ物だよ。カレーライス の絵文字     It means Japanese style curry.?????? The rice is mixed with grains and black sesame. So, it is healthy! It’s very delicious. AND, Amazingly, the price is just around ¥500??? The reason why it is so cheap is many students come to this restaurant. So, it is a kindness for students. Of course, the price is same for you guys. So, why don’t you try it!!

Budget: ~¥500
Open time:10:00~18:00
Regular holiday: Sunday
Credit card:NO

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