5 Recommended Sweets Around Kyoto-Byōdō-in, Uji Station

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Byōdō-in(平等院) is one of the most popular sightseeing places in KYOTO. It is a picture on the 10 yen coin. Probably, many foreigners want to visit there. Of course, you will enjoy to see Byōdō-in(平等院) , but you should not overlook the fact that there are many Japanese sweets cafes around Byōdō-in(平等院) , Uji(宇治) station. OK! I will briefly introduce my recommended sweet cafes around there in this article. ??????

1. NAKAMURA-TOKICHI (中村藤吉): Awesome Uji-Kintoki Kaki-Gori

nakamura-tokichi2 nakamura-tokichi1

NAKAMURA-TOKICHI is No,1 cafe around Byōdō-in(平等院). There is long line every day and you have to wait to enter it for at least 30 minutes. There are two stores, main store and Byōdō-in store, around Uji Station. You can eat Green Tea Jelly, Shiratama Zenzai (Stewed Red Beans with Mochi), and Warabimochi. My most favorite menu is Uji-Kintoki Kaki-Gori (Shaved ice) that is known as one of the Top 5 Kaki-Gori in KYOTO.? You can enjoy eating ice-cream, Matcha flavor ice, Shiratama (like Mochi) and Anko (Sweet Bean Paste). It is not too sweet and it is the traditional Japanese sweet. ?

Budget: ¥1,000~¥2,000
Open time: 11:00〜17:30 (Last call 17:00)
Credit Card: OK
URL: http://www.tokichi.jp/english/

The main store, NAKAMURA-TOKICHI


2. TSUJIRIHEIBEI (辻利平衛): Typical Japanese sweet, Drayaki!!


Do you know Dorayaki? It is a Japanese style pancake with sweet bean paste inside. You will see Dorayaki because there are many Dorayaki Souvenir shops in Japan. TSUJIRIHEIBEI’s Dorayaki is very popular. But, it is different from other common Dorayaki, and its ingredient is not sweet bean flavor but Matcha flavor.  TSUJIRIHEIBEI’s Dorayaki is a little bitter but has a sweet taste.??? You should go there if you want to experience Japanese high-class taste.  ☝?

Budget: ¥1,000~¥2,000
Open time: 09:00〜17:00 (Mon-Fri)
Credit Card: OK 


3. SANSEIEN (三星園): It’s bitter but you should try Uji Green Tea


Have you ever heard of Uji-Cha (Uji Green Tea)? ??? It has an  800-year-old history and is regarded as top-of-the-range Green Tea, Matcha. SANSEIEN has fame as the greatest Uji Green Tea cafe. I ordered Matcha&Dango (Rice Dumpling) Combo. Matcha is bitter and Dango is sweet! Probably, foreigners will be surprised at Matcha’s bitterness, ??? but you can feel its` tastiness when drinking it after eating Dango.?

Budget: ~¥1,000
Open time: 09:00〜18:00
Credit Card: OK 


4. UJIKAWAMOCHI (宇治川餅): Very cheap snack, UJIKAWAMOCHI

ujikawamochi2 ujikawamochi1

Dango is one of Japanese Mochi which is a rice cake made of mochigome, and is chewy and has a soft texture. ??? Uji is very famous as a place where you can eat an amazing Dango. A cafe I want to recommend to you is UJIKAWAMOCHI. There are two types of flavors, Matcha and Hojicha (Japanese roasted tea). Surprisingly, one Dango is at 50 yen (around 50 cents).?? Yes! It is very cheap!! You should go to UJIKAWAMOCHI at first if you want to try to eat a traditional Japanese sweet, Dango, once.

Budget: ¥100
Open time: 07:00〜17:00
Credit Card: NO 

5. MASUDA-CHAHO (ますだ茶舗):How taste is Matcha ice-cream? Sweet?

masuda-chaho2 masuda-chaho1

Probably, one of the objectives of visiting KYOTO is eating Matcha ice-cream. Many tourists have enjoyed it in  KYOTO. My most favorite Matcha ice-cream cafe is near Byōdō-in(平等院). This is MASUDA-CHAHO. This is a different place from other Matcha ice-cream cafe; they sprinkle Matcha powder on the ice cream.???So you can feel true Matcha flavor. It is cheap and at just 300 yen (around $5). Let’s try it!!

Budget: ~¥500
Open time: 08:30〜18:00
Credit Card: YES 

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