5 Awesome and cheap foods near Namba station in Osaka!!

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If you come to Kansai area, I bet you will go to Namba in Osaka! Because, there are very attractive and energetic!! You can do shopping????? because many shops are in here!! You cannot drop every shop in a dayLoL AND, there are many awesome foods????? So, I am going to introduce them!!!?????


1. Attiti honpo(あっちち本舗): Everyone loves its Takoyaki

Japanese says “Attiti” when we feel “Oh my god!! It’s super hot!!” If you come here, you cannot leave here without eating TAKOYAKI祭り の絵文字 たこ焼き の絵文字  お祭りだよ。食べ物だよ。たこ焼き の絵文字 お祭りだよ。食べ物だよ。たこ焼き の絵文字     This is the most famous food in Namba! Takoyaki is octopus dumpling like a picture below. Outside of Takoyaki is kinda crispy, and inside is creamy!! But, be careful!! The inside is super super hot. So, Don’t eat in one bite!



Open time:10am~2am (Sun-Thr), 9am~5am(Fri,Sat)
Price:  500 yen for one plate 
Credit card:NO


2. Ajinoya(味乃家): Enjoy watching the process of making Okonomiyaki as well as eating

This restaurant is very famous for Okonomiyaki!お好み焼き の絵文字 食べ物だよ。お好み焼き の絵文字 食べ物だよ。お好み焼き の絵文字  お好み焼き の絵文字  お好み焼き の絵文字  Okonomiyaki is a Japanese-style pancake made from egg, flour and water with lots of toppings. The waiter makes Okonomiyaki for us. Watching how to make is interesting, and the last part, they will cover sauce on the Okonomiyaki, and you can smell the baked sauce scent. It is awesome, and then you cannot stop waiting to eat!!



Open time:12:00~22:45 (Sun,Tue,Wed,Thr), 11:30~22:45(Fri,Sat), 18:00~22:45(Fri,Sat) 
Price:  around 500 yen 
Credit card:NO


3. Kanidouraku(かに道楽): The most famous crabs’ restaurant

This restaurant is the most famous restaurant for crabs.かに の絵文字  ゆるキャラ/カニカニ、タラバガニ の絵文字 かに の絵文字  You can eat crabs inside, but you can buy grilled crabs in front of the restaurant. If you love crabs very much, I recommend you to eat in. But, if not, it’s better to buy the grilled crabs because, there are many foods aside from crabs. So, it is not good for you if you get full only crabs. The taste of grilled crabs is so so, not so delicious, but the atmosphere is good so just for experience you can try it!!



Open time:11:00~23:00  last order(22:00)
Price:700yen for grilled crab
Credit card:NO

4. Salon de the Alcyon(サロン・ド・テ・アルシオン):Have delicious sweet after dinner

How about eating sweet in Namba??    ケーキだよ。ショートケーキ の絵文字  ケーキだよ。ショートケーキ の絵文字 クリスマスだよ。ケーキ の絵文字  ケーキだよ。モンブラン の絵文字 クリスマスだよ。ケーキ の絵文字  Japanese sweet is very delicious. If you want, I recommend you go this restaurant. This is the most popular sweet restaurant here in Namba. The atmosphere is excellent you can imagine from a picture below. And, there are many kinds of cakes so you will need time to decide it. But, how about eating everything which you want!!!????



Open time:11:30~22:00 (Mon-Fri)11:00~22:30(Sat)11:00~21:30(Sun) last order(30mins before closing time)
Price:  around 500yen for each cake
Credit card:Yes


5. Kingemon(金久右衛門): The most popular ramen in Namba

If you come to Japan, of course you will eat ramenラーメン の絵文字 食べ物 の絵文字 食べ物 の絵文字 食べ物 の絵文字 食べ物 の絵文字 食べ物だよ。ラーメン の絵文字食べ物だよ。ラーメン の絵文字食べ物だよ。ラーメン の絵文字 ぬこ ラーメンずるずる の絵文字 Right??? So, I will introduce the most popular ramen restaurant here in Namba!! The name is Kingemon; emon is an old name which adds the tail part of name. So, this restaurant is King of ramen restaurant!! This restaurant’s ramen got many prize.?  You can eat soy-sauce ramen. I recommend you eat Osaka black ramen!



Open time:AM11:00~nextdayAM8:00(Mon-Thr) all day(Fri-Sun)
Price:  less than 1000yen for one bowl 
Credit card:NO

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