7 Top Restaurants around Fushimi Inari-taisya shrine in Kyoto

Hi, guys!! Are you enjoying your life?? Me?? Of course!! Because, I am in Japan!! So, Come to Japan!! Anyway, today I am going to introduce restaurants near Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine (伏見稲荷大社) which got first prize two times in a row on Trip advisor among Japanese sightseeing places.


1. KENDONYA(けんどん屋):Good texture noodle, good flavor soup and good taste UDON!!

This restaurant is famous for udon(noodles made of wheat flour). The texture is very chewy. This is because, they use a pressure cooker for making udon. I have never heard using it for udon. So, you cannot eat yummy udon without going here. The soup is good as well. It is made from kelp and fish broth.

Lunch time:11:00~14:30(Tue-Sun)
Dinner time:17:30~20:30(Tue-Sun)

Regular holiday: Monday
Price: around ¥1,000
Credit card:NO

2. RAMEN-HI-HA-MATA-NOBORU(ラー麺 陽はまた昇る): The most famous ramen near Fushimi inari-taisha shrine

This is the most famous ramen restaurant near Fushimi inari-taisha shrine. The meaning of name is “Sun rises again”.  It is soy-sauce based soup and it is added chicken and pork broth to it. The soup is slimy. As you can see a picture from below there are big roasted pork fillets:) After eating this ramen you can get full and fat!


Open time:11:00~22:00 (Sun-Wed without second wed, Fry, Sat)
Price: around ¥1,000
Credit card:NO

3. NEZAMEYA(祢ざめ家): Fried bean curd stuffed sushi, INARI

In this restaurant, you can eat “Inari sushi”(sushi pocket). This is fried bean curd stuffed with vinegared rice. This is sushi but not with raw fishes. We do not dip to soy sauce. It is sweet, but not like the taste of candy. It is used sugar and mirin(sweet sake). You have to eat this “INARI”sushi because you came Fushimi “INARI”-taisha shrine!!!


Open time: 10:00~18:00
Price: around ¥1,000
Credit card:NO

4. KANOKO(可乃古): What is a tea-soba? It makes you warm

This restaurant is famous for tea-soba(noodles made from buckwheat) The flavor of tea is very nice. The soba noodles is chewy and healthy. And the soup is also nice. I recommend to eat Nabeyaki-udon(udon noodles which served in a pot with broth) as well. Because, Kyoto is getting colder and it makes you warm:)


Lunch time: 11:30~16:00
Dinner time: 17:00~22:00(last call 21:30)

Price: around ¥1,000
Credit card:NO

5. HOUGYOKUDOU(宝玉堂): Funny shape snack, Inari senbei

This is a confectionary. You can buy rice crack; Inari senbei in Japanese. The point is you can get an oracle with rice cracker. Because, it is held in rice cracker as shown a picture from below. But, make sure that it is in Japanese. The orange paper Chinese character shown below is the best one. And also you can buy rice cracker which shape a fox face; the symbol of this shrine.


Open time:Cafeteria 7:30~19:00
Price: around  ¥1,000
Credit card:NO

6. FUTABA(ふたば): Traditional Japanese confectionary, been rice cake (Mamemochi)

This is also a confectionary. You can buy bean rice cake(mamemochi). Since this shop is near fushimi inari station,  I recommend to buy before walking the shrine and eat while walking. Usually, the bean paste is too sweet to eat but this is not, just right! And the rice cake is very soft. But the more you wait to eat it, the more it becomes hard.


Open time:Cafeteria 9:00~18:00 until sold out (Sun-Wed, Fry-Sat)
Regular holiday: Thursday
Price: around ¥150 for one
Credit card:NO

7. MARUMOCHIYA(まるもち家): What a cute confectionary, Marumochi

This is ALSO a confectionary!haha Because, I have many confectionaries I want to introduce. You can buy ”Marumochi”. The size is almost Ping-pong ball. This is made of rice cake. So, it is chewy. At the same time, it is also crispy. Because, it is fried. And there are sweet bean paste or sweet soy sauce. Mmmmmmmmm, yummy!!


Open time:Cafeteria 10:00~17:00 (Sun-Tue,Thu-Sat)
Regular holiday: Wednesday 
Price: around 100yen for one
Credit card:NO

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