7 top Sushi Restaurants in KYOTO you should visit

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The topic of the article is POPULAR SUSHI RESTAURANTS in KYOTO. You absolutely want to eat Sushi when visiting Kyoto. I am reviewing traditional,  tasty but reasonble restaurants.

1. TAI-SUSHI (鯛壽司): Traditional sushi restaurant


TAI-SUSHI was established 50 years ago.  My favorite menu is today`s recommended 8 toppings” (“Honjitu-no-osusume-8-kan”). It is the most reasonable price at $20 in this restaurant. The Chef will make sushi with seasonal or his recommended toppings. When I visited and ordered this menu in May, I ate Calamari (IKA), Greater Amberjack (KAMPACHI), Medium Fatty Tuna (TYU-TORO), Octopus (TAKO), Sea Urchin (UNI), Mackerel (SABA), Scallop (HOTATE), and Salmon Roe (IKURA).

Budget: ¥2,000〜¥6,000
Open time: 17:00〜22:00
Credit Card: NO

2. IZU-ZYU (いづ重): Mackerel(SABA) sushi is popular


IZU-ZYU has been opened for more than 100 years. It is known as the place where we can enjoy traditional Kyoto sushi (KYO-ZUSHI). Yes! KYO-ZUSHI is a little different from other prefecture’s sushi. One of the representative KYO-ZUSHI toppings is Mackerel (SABA). I think that SABA-SUSHI of IZU-ZYU is the tastiest in Japan. Of course, it is always packed, but IZU-ZYU provides take-out menus for visitors. I recommend that you order take out from them.

Budget: ¥1,500〜¥5,000
Open time: 10:30〜19:00 (Sun-Thu, Tur-Sat)
Regular holiday: Wednesday
Credit Card: YES

3. SAKAI (さか井): Enjoy fresh sashimi-bowl


There are just 6 tables at SAKAI. So it is always crowded. But it`s food will not disappoint you. Like IZU-ZYU Mackerel (SABA) is a popular dish at SAKAI. However, I recommend a bowl of rice topped with sashimi (MIX-DON). You do not know what sashimi is put on the bowl until visiting. I could enjoy Calamari (IKA), Sea Urchin (UNI), Lean Tuna (AKAMI), White fish (SHIROMI-ZAKANA), or Shrimp (EBI). If you want to eat SABA sushi, you are allowed to take out it and you should order it.

Budget: ¥2,000〜¥4,000
Open time: 11:30〜18:30
Credit Card: NO

4. SUSHI-IWA (すし岩): Steve Jobs loved it


SUSHI-IWA is the best for foreigners because the chef can speak English and there is an English menu. Actually, the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, often visited and loved it when he came to Kyoto. All dishes including sushi and sashimi are extremely tasty. Additionally, unlike other sushi restaurants, you can drink wine as well as SAKE.

Budget: ¥4,000〜¥15,000
Open time: 12:00〜14:00, 17:00~22:00 (Thu-Sun)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit Card: YES

5. SUSHI-GOHAN-UMANZYOU (すしごはん馬ん場): Reasonable restaurant


Sushi-Gohan-Umanzyou is a cheap sushi restaurant. You can eat 8 sushi and Miso soup combo (ZYOU-NIGIRI) for $12. Of course, it`s taste is excellent!! Additionally, I recommend a bowl of rice topped with sashimi (KAISEN-SUSHI-DON) -it is just $10. You should go to Sushi-Gohan-Umanzyou if your trip budget is limited.

Budget: ¥1,000〜¥2,000
Open time: 11:45〜13:30, 18:00~21:30 (Thu-Sun)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit Card: NO

6. WASABI (わさび): Accommodate many people


Generally, sushi restaurants in Japan are small and can accommodate few people. So it is difficult for a big family to visit them at the same time. However, WASABI is bigger than others and there is a party room accommodating 14 people. My favorite menu is broiled sushi (ABURI-ZUSHI). It melted in my mouth. That was an amazing taste.

Budget: $50〜$100
Open time: 17:30〜04:00 (Mon-Sat), 17:30〜24:00 (Sun)
Credit Card: YES

7. SUEHIRO-SUSHI(末廣寿司): It was established 200 years ago


It has been running for more than 200 years and has been maintaining the taste of Kyoto sushi (KYO-ZUSHI). I like SUEHIRO-SUSHI too much because its food is very cheap in spite of having the best taste. I suggest that you try to eat MUSI-ZUSHI (the picture above) as well as sushi. The hot food is made from egg, conger eel, shrimp, shiitake, and ginkgo which are essential ingredients for traditional Japanese food.

Budget: ¥1,500〜¥4,000
Open time: 11:00~19:00 (Thu-Sun)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit Card: NO

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