7 popular food souvenirs you should buy at Kyoto station

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When you guys go to Kyoto, your friends will envy you, won’t they?? Don’t worry.  If you buy souvenirs for your friends, they will be happy:) So, I will give you some recommendations for souvenirs!!


We can buy Matcha(green tea) chocolates here. Surprisingly, the chief store of this branch was built in 1854. Since then, this store is popular. I recommend buying  “Koime no Matcha chocolate:濃いめのチョコレート” It means a strong flavor of Matcha chocolate. Actually, there is also a restaurant, so why don’t you try it!!

Place:3rd floor(JR Kyoto Isetan)
Open time:Cafeteria 11:00~22:00(last order 21:30)  Souvenir shop 11:00~21:15
Price: ¥583 for 6 pieces “Koime no Matcha chocolate”
Credit card:OK


2. MALEBRANCHE (マールブランシュ)

This is also a Matcha flavor snack. This store uses Matcha which was chosen by a tea  appraiser. Originally, Matcha tastes bitter. So, the harmony with white chocolate inside Matcha cookies(Cha no Ka:茶の菓) as shown below is awesome!! There is also a restaurant in Kyoto train station

Place:Cafeteria 6th floor  Souvenir shop 1st basement(JR Kyoto Isetan)
Open time:10:00~20:00(last order 19:30 at cafeteria)
Price:¥1,360 for 10 pieces
Credit card:OK


3. OTABE (おたべ)

This Baumkuchen(Kyoubaamu:京ばあむ) is made of Matcha and soy milk from Kyoto. The smell is flavorful and the taste is not too sweet; just right! And around the Baumkuchen, there is Matcha chocolate icing. It makes it wonderful!! I bought one just for myself.Hehe

Place:1st basement &1st floor(The cube)
Open time:8:30~20:00
Price:thickness3.5cm:¥1,166 5.25cm:¥1,750
Credit card:OK



This shop is very famous for candy. Because, it is like jewelry?? Usually, candies are sticky if you touch them, right?? But, this is not. And, they are shiny as you can see in the picture below. This is why, Japanese say “Jewelry”. And, it is very tasteful, no doubt!!

Place:1st floor(The cube)
Open time:8:30~20:00
Price: around ¥400 for 100g
Credit card:OK



If you poured hot water on the stuff inside the box as shown in the picture below, two pigeons will appear!!  It is interesting, isn’t it?? This is “Hato no Ukisu: 鳩の浮巣” meaning Pigeon`s floating nest. It is made from Kudzu starch gruel; sticky food. Originally, it has almost no flavor, so they add flavor; Matcha, bean paste and so on.

Place:1st basement(JR Kyoto Isetan)
Open time:10:00~8:00
Price:3 packs for ¥562
Credit card:OK


6. SHIZUYAPAN(シズヤパン)

We can buy Manju(steamed bread) in this shop. The bread part is chewy but fluffy. There are many kinds as shown in the picture below. So, I bet you cannot decide quickly, but it does not matter; everything is great!! By the way, my favorite one is CINNAMON flavor??

Open time:9:00~21:00
Price: ¥210 for each Manju
Credit card:OK


7. SHOGOIN(聖護院)

The chief shop of this branch was built in 1689!! Yatsuhashi (snack as shown below) is the most famous souvenir in Kyoto. The wrapping  is made from glutinous rice powder, sugar and cinnamon. So, this is very soft and wrapped around red bean paste. We can buy “Yatsuhashi” at any shop but this shop is the original, so why not buy it here?

Place:1st :00~r(The cube)
Open time:8:30~20:00
Price:¥540 for 10 pieces
Credit card:OK


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