[Ramen Guide] You should go to Kyoto Ramen Street!!

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Ramen is a very famous fast food. So, even if you do not have time to eat, Ramen makes it possible!! Because, Ramen can be served in 5 minutes after ordering(other types of restaurant can be served around 15 minutes). In Kyoto station, there is famous ramen street,Kyoto Ramen Koji. You can see a lot of information through the website(Kyoto Ramen Koji). I will describe  these ramen restaurants in more detail with Ramen pictures which cannot be seen on the website.

Open time:11:00~22:00(last call:21:30)
Credit card:NO<
Place:10th floor in Kyoto station


Hokkaido is very famous for Miso ramen. on the website, it shows Sumire ramen restaurant but it has closed down; now instead it is SHIRAKABA-SANSOU. This restaurant is also one of the most famous Miso ramen restaurants in Hokkaido and this is a branch of it. Sesame oil, garlic and oyster sauce are added to the ramen. It makes it incredibly delicious! And, one more good thing. You can eat as many boiled eggs as you want!!


2. RAMEN-TOYOKO (ラーメン東横)

This ramen is from Niigata prefecture. Do you know this prefecture? It is well known for rice. And the noodles are made from the rice、So the noodles are chewier than other noodles. As shown below, the noodles are very thick. When it comes to soup, it is rich miso-based soup. For some people, this soup is too rich to eat, so we can add liquid to dilute, so you can change(adjust) the soup to your taste!!


3. TAISHOKEN (大勝軒)

This ramen restaurant is a branch of a famous ramen restaurant in Ikebukuro in Tokyo. As you can see from a picture below, this restaurant is famous for dipping noodles(tsukemen in Japanese). The soup is from chicken and pork broth. The soup comes with a variety of toppings: pork, minced meat, vegetables, smoked mackerel and dried sardines.This ramen is lighter not as rich compared to other ramen soup, so this ramen is for every generation. And we can add cut onions for free, so you can add  as much as you want. Onions go very well with dipping noodles.



The main restaurant of this branch is in the Fukushima prefecture and has been open over 50 years. We can eat Kitakata ramen which has thick chewy curly noodles in a salty tonkotsu pork soup flavored with sardines and soy sauce. The reason why this restaurant is famous is the simmered slices of pork belly. You can see a picture below, it is super juicy and it melts in your mouth!!


5. MENYA-IROHA (麺屋いろは)

This restaurant is from Toyama prefecture and it serves Toyama black ramen. The color is literally black. The black sauce made from a secret fish sauce simmered for a long time and adds chicken and seafood to the soup. Surprisingly, this shop got V5 at TOKYO RAMEN SHOW, one of the biggest ramen festivals. You can see here.  Why don’t you try it!!


6. MASUTANI (ますたに)

This is one of the most popular restaurants in Ramen Koji. These are thin noodles in a thick pork and soy sauce with a strong taste and chunks of pork fat floating in it. Additionally, you can choose spicy strength.


7. RAMEN-TODAI (らーめん東大)

This restaurant is from Tokushima prefecture on Shikoku island. The meaning of Todai is an abbreviation for University of Tokyo which is the smartest university in Japan. so This restaurant aims for the best ramen in Japan. The soup is from sweet pork broth and soy sauce. In this restaurant, you can take raw eggs as much as you want. You can put a raw egg on the ramen. My recommendation is to pour ramen soup over rice and crack an egg over the rice.



This restaurant serves Hakata ramen which is famous in Fukuoka prefecture. The noodle is thin, so some of you guys will not get full. Therefore, you can say “Kaedama kudasai” which means “can I have  more boiled noodles”. It is very common with Hakata ramen. The soup is a rich,creamy pork broth.


9. ARAUMADOU (あらうま堂)

This ramen restaurant is from Osaka. Arauma means “Oh, It’s yummy!” and dou means kind of building. So when you eat this ramen, you cannot help saying ”Oh, it’s yummy”. Actually, I said “Arauma” after tasting this ramen.Haha In this restaurant, there are many kinds of ramen and light soup to rich one. This is why, this restaurant is popular for families. One more good point is you can eat as much kimchi as  you want:)


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