8 awesome KYOTO lunches tourist should eat!!

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Many people have visited Kyoto to see beautiful autumnal leaves, amazing cherry blossoms and historical heritage. In addition to that, they can enjoy Kyoto food. Are you also coming to Kyoto next week? But you haven’t decided where you will have lunch!? Ok! Don’t worry! I have lived in Kyoto for 20 years. Now I will recommend 8 restaurants for lunch in Kyoto.

1. HASHITATE(はしたて):Elegant and dainty Japanese food


EEL BOWL and SOMEN with a soy sauce broth

HASHITATE is a high-class Japanese-style restaurant in Kyoto but you can have a lunch there at reasonable price. You can taste true Japanese rice bowl (don) and soba noodle that are elegant and dainty. The most popular menu is HASHITATE bowl including two types of bowls: Tuna bowl and Kakiage bowl. I love the crisp textures of Kakiage. (*Kakiage is Tempura which is a mixture of vegetable bits and shrimp fried in batter)

Budget: ¥1,500〜¥3,000 
Lunch time: 11:00〜15:00
Credit Card: OK
URL: http://w-hashitate.jugem.jp/

2. RYUKISHIN (龍旗信): The first salty ramen in Kyoto

Salty Ramen

RYUKISHIN is near Kawaramachi station and serves salty ramen. There was no specialty restaurant for salty ramen in Kyoto until RYUKISHIN came out. The soup made of chicken broth is really nice and I am addicted to this ramen.

Budget: ~¥1,000
Lunch time: 11:30〜15:00(Tue-Fri) 11:30~24:00(Sat, Sun, Holiday)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit Card: NO
URL: http://www.ryukishin.com/

3. HAFUU(はふう): AMAZING Beef Cutlet!!

Beef Cutlet and Rice Combo

Cutlet Sandwich

I ate Beef Cutlet Combo (with rice) and it was extremely AWESOME!! You will absolutely enjoy Westernized-Japanese taste. The price is expensive, but HAFUU’s food won’t disappoint. Additionally, you can take out Cutlet Sandwich after lunch. Many celebrities love it and it is often featured on Japanese TV shows .

Budget: ¥1,000~¥5,000
Lunch time: 11:30〜13:30
Credit Card: OK

URL: http://www.hafuu.com/

4. SAISEKI-CHIMOTO(彩席 ちもと): What a beautiful food!!

Colorful-Tenshin (Irodori-Tenshin)


SAISEKI-CHIMOTO was opened more than 300 years ago. A taxi driver recommended this restaurant to me and I dropped by there. I had never seen how beautiful food was!! Of course, you can enjoy several tastes; duck, salmon, lotus, sweet potato, taro and so on. You will definitely love the food as well as presentation.  Don’t forget steamed egg hodge podge (the picture below) that is called “TAMAGO-HOURAKU(玉子宝楽). It looks like a cream puff, but it is soft and warm!! You should eat it when you feel cold in KYOTO.

Budget: ~¥2,000
Lunch time: 11:30〜14:30
Credit Card: OK

5. SOBANOMI-YOSHIMURA(蕎麦の実 よしむら):Representative Soba restaurant in Kyoto



I visited this restaurant after 1 p.m. but it was almost full. So it is a very popular SOBA restaurant in KYOTO. Local inhabitants often drop by there as well as tourists. Its taste is plain and memorable, and made me want to visit the restaurant again and again. Especially, it was fan for me to eat SOBA with several toppings such as Tempura and Herring. You can enjoy cold SOBA in summer season, and enjoy warm SOBA in winter season. It will make you feel relax whenever you eat.

*Some people may feel disgusted by the fishy smell of Herring, but DON’T worry! Japanese cuisine prevents  the strong smell of herring.

Budget: ¥1,000~¥2,000
Lunch time: 11:00〜14:30
Credit Card: OK
URL: http://www.arashiyama-yoshimura.com/soba/sobanomi/

6. TORISEI (鳥せい):It has been running for 300 years

Chicken and Rice Combo

Char-Broiled Chicken and Rice Combo

It is a Chicken restaurant established 300 years ago.  TORISE is so famous that no one doesn’t know TORISEI in Kansai area. I visited the restaurant at opening time,11a.m., but 15 minutes later it got crowded. Recommended menus are “Torimeshi-Teisyoku (Chicken and Rice combo)” and “Yakitori-Teisyoku (Char-Broiled Chicken and Rice combo)”.  Additionally, TORISE is known as a good SAKE bar. You will have a great lunch with SAKE.

Budget: ¥600~¥2,000
Lunch time: 11:30〜16:00(Tue-Fri), 11:00~16:00(Sat, Sun, Holiday)

Regular holiday: Monday
Credit Card: OK

7. OUMIYA-SEIEMON (近江屋清右衛門):Awesome homemade Japanese curry

Beef Gristle Curry

You should try this restaurant if you are near Nijo Castle and get hungry. You can get there in 10 minutes from Nijo Castle on foot. You will have awesome homemade Japanese curry with Pork Cutlet, Pork Back Ribs, and Vegetables. The price is cheaper than other restaurants I have introduced in this article. You have no choice but to go OUMIYA-SEIEMON if you want to eat rich Japanese style curry.

Budget: ¥600~¥1,500
Lunch time: 11:30〜14:30(Mon-Fri), 11:30~15:00(Sat, Sun, Holiday)
Regular holiday: Monday
Credit Card: OK

8. RAJIO-CAFE (ラジオカフェ): Enjoy traditional Japanese mood

Crispy Chicken and Rice Combo

This restaurant has a Japanese traditional mood. You can feel relaxed and eat lunch. The reason why I recommend this is that all of the menus are inexpensive and heavy. You will get full. My  favorite food is KARAAGE (Crispy Chicken) and Rice Combo.

Budget: ~¥1,000
Open time: 11:30〜23:00
Credit Card: OK
URL: http://www.radiocafe.jp/

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