10 typical types of Ramen! What is your favorite flavor?

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Ramen originates from China. But, now it is known as Japanese food. The reason is Japanese Ramen is “AWESOME”. Eating Ramen is one of main reasons to come to Japan, I guess. I want to introduce these kinds before you guys come here!! But,  there are an infinite number of ramen so I cannot introduce all of them. If you want to try all of them there is only one answer. “ move to Japan“??

1. Pork bone broth ramen(豚骨ラーメン:Tonkotsu ramen)

I think you guys are already familiar with ramen, but I will provide some information about Tonkotsu ramen. The broth color is  cloudy white like the picture below. Because it comes from boiling pork bones, fat, and collagen over high heat for many hours(some restaurants do over 12hrs LOL).

2. Soy-sauce ramen(醤油ラーメン:Shoyu ramen)

It has a clear brown broth, based on a chicken and vegetable stock with plenty of soy sauce added resulting in a soup that is salty, and savory yet still fairly light on the palate. I think this is the most basic ramen in Japan.

3. Miso ramen(味噌ラーメン:Miso ramen)

This base is Miso but it is blended with chicken or sometimes fish broth. Actually, only Miso ramen has corn because this ramen is developed in Hokkaido.

4. Salt ramen(塩ラーメン:Sio ramen)

This is the clearest ramen! This ramen is famous in Hakodate Hokkaido and I have tried it in Hakodate! I like oily ramen like Tonkotsu so actually this ramen is too neat for ramen. But if you do not like somewhat oily ramen you can try it !!

5. Chilled Chinese noodles (冷やし中華:Hiyashi tyuuka)

This ramen is served during summer, because it is cold. After boiling noodles we chill them with ice water. We usually put vegetables, Kinshitamago(thin omelette cut into strips) and steamed chicken or pork. Lastly, soy sauce or sesame based dressing is poured over the noodles and toppings. Some Japanese put mayonnaise on it?

6. DanDan noodles(タンタンメン:Tantan men)

The origin is Chinese and It consists of a spicy sauce containing preserved vegetables and minced pork. Sometimes, sesame paste and peanut butter is added. In some restaurants Dandan noodle is super spicy but others are  not so much. It is up to restaurants. I am not good at eating spicy food, so I like the not spicy one:)

7. Seafood based ramen(魚介らーめん:Gyokai ramen)

This ramen is not so much different between another ramen but we use fish powder or fish broth with another ramen. Actually, this addition makes the ramen better. Because, fish has many UMAMI(kinda of a flavor enhancer) which makes ramen awesome. I think it is not common outside of Japan but I like this ramen the best!!!???

8. Soupless oil noodle(油そば:Abura sob)

This type of ramen is now getting popular in Japan. I can realize it because the instant noodles of lowers oil noodle is getting increasing in supermarkets and convenience stores. And I am getting increasing to buy them because it’s yummy. The soup is almost nothing.  The base of taste is fish powder, sesame oil chili or something. The type of taste is getting more popular because it is getting popular!!!

9. Dipping noodles(つけめん:Tsukemen)

How to eat dipping noodles is dipping noodles literally like the picture below. The soup is served super hot because it will be cold since the noodle is cool. The reason why the noodles are cool is that the noodles have a good smooth texture if the noodles are washed with cold water. So, you should eat them fast or you can say “Su-pu, atatametekudasai” means “Make soup hot, please.

10. Starchy Sauce Ramen(五目ラーメン:Gomoku ramen)

Can you see the noodles in the picture below? Of course not, because I cannot see. Anyway, this is Starchy Sauce Ramen. On the noodles, there are many ingredients with starchy sauces. I love these noodles because it is filling with many vegetables.

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