5 Popular Japanese Cuisine Samurai often Eats! Part1

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Are you familiar with Japanese food? There are many unique cuisines in Japan. Probably, it is difficult for foreigners to learn all of them. So I am introduce 5 popular Japanese cuisines now. You can enjoy your trip in Japan if you know them.


OKONOMIYAKI is Japanese style Pancake and Pizza. This means that it looks like Pancake but it isn’t sweet because   OKONOMIYAKI Sauce, Mayo, Seafood, Pork and so on are used for it. Therefore, it`s taste is similar to  Pizza. You can add whatever ingredients you love to OKONOMIYAKI. So there are many types of OKONOMIYAKI: Sea food OKONOMIYAKI, Pork OKONOMIYAKI, Vegatable OKONOMIYAKI, Kimchi OKONOMIYAKI..etc. But Ketchup and Tomato sauce are not used for OKONOMIYAKI recipe.
Look at Standard OKONOMIYAKI Recipe>>>>

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2. UDON(うどん)

UDON is one type of Japanese noodle, different from Ramen. UDON’ noodles are chewier and softer than Ramen.The flavored broth is mild and light and  is made of Dashi, Soy sauce, Sugar and Mirin. You can enjoy various toppings such as Beef, Pork, Green Onion, Sea weed, Tempura..etc.
Look at BEEF UDON Recipe>>>>


3. PORK-BOWL(豚丼:Buta-Don)

It’s very popular bowl food. It consists of rice topped with pork simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. Sweet sauce is made of Sugar, Mirin, and Soy Sauce, which is a traditional Japanese sweet sauce.
Look at BUTA-DON Recipe>>>>



Pork is cooked with tasty ginger sauce. You can enjoy sweetness from Mirin taste and flavors of spicy Ginger. There are many types of tasty ginger sauce, but basically the sauce is made of Grated Ginger, Soy Sauce, and Mirin. This is very easy cuisine. So let’s try to cook it!
Look at Pork&Onion Cooked with Ginger (Shoga-Yaki) Recipe>>>>

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5. GYOZA (餃子)

Gyoza originated in China but now it’s a staple in Japanese cuisine. There are many types of Gyoza; Yaki Gyoza, Sui Gyoza, Fried Gyoza…etc. The basic type is Yaki Gyoza, which is easy and quick to cook at home and is commonly served in ramen bars and izakayas (Japanese style pubs).
Look at Pork&Onion Cooked with Ginger (Shoga-Yaki) Recipe>>>>

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