5 Japanese Power Foods to Eat After Sport

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Do you believe that all Japanese food is healthy and light? NO!!! There are also HEAVY foods. The food I am introducing in the article is good after playing sport and getting physically tired.

1. Ramen&Rice (ラーメン&ライス)

This fusion is amazing and crazy. Ramen & Rice are a heavy food combination and have a lot of calories. You can get energetic even after playing sports. But you will gain weight  if you eat it without exercising. BE CAREFUL!!


2. KATSU-CURRY(カツカレー)

Japanese really really love the combination of Fried Pork and Chicken and Curry. Curry originated from India, but Japanese people adapted the idea. You will get full eating Katsu-Curry.

cutlet curry

3. PORK-BOWL(豚丼:Buta-Don)

It’s a very popular meal. Of course, it’s energetic food. But the most fascinating point is that BUTA-DON is very cheap and you can cook easily. You should choose it if you want to save money.
Look at BUTA-DON Recipe>>>>


4. UDON(うどん)

Probably you doubt that UDON is power food. But UDON’ noodle has a high sugar content and can help you recover from physical exertion.Also you can enjoy various toppings such as Beef, Pork, Green Onion, Sea weed, Tempura..etc when eating UDON.
Look at BEEF UDON Recipe>>>>


5. Fried Noodles and Rice(そばめし:Soba-Meshi)

This is not Yakisoba and also not fried rice. The combination with Fried noodles and rice originated from Osak prefecture. Now SOBA-MESHI is very popular in all of Japan. It is one of the easist Japanese recipes. So the recipe video is coming soon.


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