7 Recommended Japanese Dishes with RICE

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Rice is necessary food for the Japanese . Almost all of Japanese can`t live without it. I have never spent a day without rice in Japan. There are many kinds of rice dishes. So, I would like to introduce some of them.

Before introducing them, I’ll explain about “Don-buri”.
Don-buri means bowl in Japanese. We usually say “don”. It is short for “Don-buri”

1.Pork-Bowl (豚丼:Buta-Don)

Japanese likes to put some meats on the rice. Because, meats are super good combination with rice. Pork-Bowl is one of awesome dishes in Japan. The pork is simmered in a mildly sweet sauce. Actually, Japanese can eat rice with sauce alone.
Look at Pork-bowl’s recipe>>>>


2.Rice Omelet(オムライス: Omu-Rice)

Some Japanese think where does omu-rice originated?” The answer is Japan. But, why do they ask? This is because, we can eat it in western style restaurants. The reason is we don’t use Japanese ingredients like soy sauce or something. So, even if you are in out of Japan you can make it!
Look at Rice omelet’s recipe>>>>


3.Avocado&Tuna-Flake Bowl(アボカド&ツナフレーク丼:Avokado&Tuna-Flake Don)

Actually, this is not common in Japan, but it is worth trying. Avokado is not Japanese food but you can add soy sauce and create fusion of Japanese food and western. Let’s try it!
Look at Avokado&Tuna-flake Bowl’s recipe>>>>



Japanese people like to eat raw fishe like Sushi. And we also like to put on rice! It’s delicious. There is one more good point. It is super easy to make it! All you have to do is make rice and put fresh raw seafood and soy-sauce:)


5. Crispy Chicken-Bowl(唐揚げ丼:Karaage-Don)

I think you like crispy chicken (Karaage), right?? Yes, me too!! So, Crispy chicken bowl is awesome. I recommend to put mayonnaise on it:) But, you can get fat!


6. Beef-Bowl(牛丼: Gyu-Don)

Beef bowl is one of well-known fast foods in Japan. There are many beef bowl restaurants and they are open 24/7. The price is cheap at restaurants, it is about 4 US dollars. (It is less than half the price of other dishes) Pork-bowl is much cheaper though.
Look at Beef Bowl’s recipe>>>>


7. Raw Egg on Rice(卵かけごはん:Tamago-Kake-Gohan)

It is common breakfast for Japanese. We call “TKG” for abbreviation. It is very simple. Crack an egg over rice and pour soy sauce. That’s it!!


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